View Full Version : Birthday Greeting

05-24-2008, 03:49 PM
so my birthday was yesterday..and I didnt get anything in the mail from victor..but come later that night..HE CALLED ME..totally unexpected, I thought he forgot. but he didnt..i was upset because I lost his call but thankfully we got to talk for awhile...And today, I got a big card from him with another card inside, with a letter and a picture..he is growing his hair out. he looks so cute!!!!!!!!!! well anyways...what has anyone gotten in here for there bday? ive heard of people getting a card everyday of the week for there bday..but im realy happy with what i got! i got butterflies. and i love it..i just want him to call me again tonite! he dont want me to send him money until i got my life going straight..but i dont want to wait..i want him to be able to send pics whenevaz he wants and get whateverz it is he might want. i love him .

Harleys Diva
06-02-2008, 10:59 PM
When I first started writing Tommy about 2 years ago I sent him a couple of pictures of me. He had a guy in Westville draw the photo. Man it was so awesome. It was an 8x10. We were just friends then. This guy was my first boyfriend when I was 11. Had not spoken or anything for 32 years. Now he is once again my boyfriend. ha ha

Your man sounds special. You are lucky.