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05-24-2008, 12:58 PM
Ok ladies, i need some creative info. our wedding anniversary is coming up next month and i am in need of some ideas for what i can send him. i do cards and letters all the time. and he can only have books from the publisher, so i could try that and certificates no bigger than 8x10 but i have sent him several of them in years past, im just looking for something i havent done before and i know you all have done it all so give me some ideas!!:)

05-24-2008, 02:31 PM
Can you sing? I have written part of a song you can sing to him when he call you. now this was quickly written and might have to rearrange a line or 2 and others can add to it till its finished Wanna see it? I'm a 2 finger typist so be patient LOL

05-24-2008, 02:34 PM
If you write you can write him a poem that means the world to them cause its from your heart. If you would like help let me know.

05-24-2008, 02:50 PM
They always love pictures! You can buy a star in his name that would be a certificate to send that you might not have in the past. Also, don't discount the book idea I know my man always enjoyed the fact that I spent time looking for something he would truly enjoy. A letter describing how you felt on your special day and how you still feel the same way today would be most welcomed I"m sure.

Bottom line it's the lil every day things one does not some BIG thang that remind one on a consistent basis that they are loved and kept close in thoughts and heart so I'm sure whatever you do he will appreciate it and feel blessed.

Happy Anniversary to you and yours,

05-24-2008, 03:05 PM
Here goes my quick song

we've been down the road of life
its a long and bumpy ride
i don't know where we're going
but I know where we've been
All of the pain
We still carry it inside
But thats all right thats ok things are getting better today all the things that happened yesterday don't matter anyway
and I know we can do
whatever we put our mind to and
we've got nothing left to lose, nothing left to prove
just you wait and see
you'll make all the bad get better for me
I can feel it in my gut
we're on our way back up