View Full Version : stupid phone company!

05-23-2008, 07:04 PM
my phone got shut off last friday.. the whole house was sick all weekend so we couldnt get to the bank to deposit a check to pay the bill... well moday the phone was back on and i still didnt here from my SO..werd but figured hed call when he could... thursay i get a letter from him telling me when he calls its today we tried to fix the issue but when we called the phone company clossed at 7 we called at now i have to wait till TUESDAY! im so fusterated right now.. i have been extermely sick , and put on bed rest ( i have a high risk pregnancy), was almost admitted to the hospital cuz of this and my SO has no idea any of this happend and i cant go visit him cuz im just a girlfriend and no girlfriends are aloud to visit if family has been to visit him...grrrrrrrrrrrr :angry: i just need to talk to him , to make me feel better, and i cant even have that! thanks to the phone company randomly putting a block on !!!!