View Full Version : After 11 years, first headache with CBS

05-22-2008, 08:23 PM
Well after 11 years dealing on and off with CBS, this is the first real headache I have had with CBS. I mailed my check payment on Saturday the 10th. My line is not blocked, I give myself enough time to send payment before that happens. I have been calling and checking my balance online all week. Nothing, still same balance. I checked my bank account and sure enough the check was posted on Friday 5-16. I was livid, you hear me. I have dealt with them many years and they say give it 7-10 days for the payment to arrive.

When I call there today, the STILL tried to tell me they never got my payment. I went off!!!!!!!!!:angry: I said you are trying to tell me I didnt send payment and I am looking at the cancelled check here online. Then she did some research and said I dont see it, and then she left the phone and it magically appeared, but yet and still she said they have the right to hold it for 7-10 days, I said oh hell no, you dont. It posts when its recieved, dont you dare tell me that you hold it that long. I said if you did that it would be because you want to collect the 8.00 service charge for us to use our debits. I told her if it was posted when it was recieved then I wouldnt be going thru your denial bullshit.

She said I would have to fax a copy of the cancelled check and they would credit my account. I said if I have to do that I should get some sort of credit, for the headache. Of course you always get someone from China that cant speak English, when I press 1 for English I want someone who f**king speaks English, isnt that the whole point? I have had only one other headache with this place over a call that got disconnected after I showed off, I got that call credited. She said well, you dont have a block on your line. I said if I did and it was your fault I would come thru this phone and choke you. Waiting to exhale.....

05-23-2008, 12:01 PM
OMG that was funny... I mean I know it wasn't funny to you at the time but I can just picture you on the phone like "Batch..don't make me come thru this phone and slap ur a$$.." LOL You give 'em hell girl and don't listen to their crap....

Be thankful that at least you haven't had headaches with them for the whole 11 years... and I'm sure they fear when they see your account come up on the screen! :haha: