View Full Version : Is there a mail list I need to get on from him ?

05-19-2008, 06:59 PM
Eureka ! Yippee ! WooHoo ! I finally got registered to post !!! I have been trying for days and got assistance from the admin. OK here goes !!! This is my very first time to ever write an inmate. I do not know the young man and he did not advertise for pen pal etc but heard about his situation and felt compelled to write! I mailed a letter May 12 and have not heard a thing back. I put his name & GDC # and addressed it to Baldwin State Prison. He is in the Mental Wing. Are there rules and regulations more strict ? I dont know if he will even write back . Is the mail at Baldwin always slow ? Sorry for all ? but dont know what to expect. Do I have to be on his mail list for him to get my letter ? I am in Tx. I put some stuff about his offense and said I thought it was a terrible case of misjustice. Do you think that would keep the mail guys from giving the letter to him? Hope I havent messed things up the very 1st time I write him !!!!!! DebMar:eek:

Doc's Sis
05-21-2008, 08:28 AM
Am sure he got the letter. Yet, is best you don't discuss his case - just in case someone reads that mail. And if he's in the mental ward, such talk might get him upset and you don't want that. Talk about other things. Is possible that he'll not respond, or will respond when he can, depending upon his physical/mental status.