View Full Version : terriable visit at cooper street jcs

05-16-2008, 01:52 PM
oh my gosh waht a bad visit i really dont care if i ever go back there:angry: first off they tried to tell me i was dressed inapproatily, had a long shirt on t-shirt material that had a waste band under the breast and they said it made my chest too big im a 34b :eek::eek: ended up throwing a fit and requested to speach with the commander as they were going to let a woman in with a tank top on that was revealing way more than myself finally ended up me visit but made us both gown up,then to top it off gave me some other ladies id that hubby noticed tried to explain to them that even though they think all the michigan prisions run the same they do not i have never been told to put my things in a locker ,use the bathroom and stand by the yellow phone,ive always signed in gave them my licence,got my hand marked and waited to be called so needless to say lansing will be getting a long letter from sooooo heads up ladies they are getting really strist with our attire so make sure no matter the size of your ta tas make sure they aret popping out there to far as you may cause your man to get in a fight in the yard and they do not have time to make hospital runs yea that is what they told me so im not planning on going back there anytime soon and have informed hubby i will not be treated like that hope all that have to go there have better luck ps i have never dressed in a way that would cause an uproar :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: