View Full Version : need answers about phone charges

05-14-2008, 02:26 AM
My brother got sent to La Grange, Ky to the fishtank, WE live in the same state but we are clean across the state away from this prison, does anybody know how much our phone calls may be since we are in the same state, we are going to put $50.00 in the acct to start out, we are just working people trying to get by, my brother was getting disability but they will probably take that away from him since he is incarcerated. he is a class D with a 3 yr sentence, we are new to all this. I appreciate any advice anyone can give me on any of these questions.

Doc's Sis
05-15-2008, 04:39 AM
The best way to find out cost of a call is to ask him to call you.... There will be a recording to listen to when you answer the phone. That recording will give you the option of listening to the approximate cost of the call. Based on that information, you'll then be able to tell him how many times a month he can call you. Those long distance collect calls from prison are expensive, no matter where you live! They could charge you $8 to $10 for 15 minutes - but I hope you'll be able to get it for less than that.