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04-21-2008, 12:13 PM
Prison Politics... it is true.

Well, this what has been going on with my husband. He has known this other inmate for over 11 years now.. I warned my husband, and said I do not trust him. Well, now my husband sees it, and now calls this person a trader, a BIG phony.
My husband has been away 17 years and is state known. He told me when another inmate comes in and one of the men you hang out with befriends this new person and brings them over to meet you that they better tell you what crimes they did so you have the option of wanting to befriend them. (prison politics)
For the past few years my husband was hanging out with someone but never knew this person was a serial rapist. That is a no no with my husband. Someone had my husband read the articles about this inmate... With my husband now not wanting to bother with the person he was friendly with for years, he tells him to call out the other man to speak to him in the yard.
This guy (serial rapist) comes out and grunts and charges at my husband. To make a long story short the 300 lbs man went down ...
No one did anything and my husband spoke to this person.

When my husband was showing me what happen, the rage came out in him. His whole persona changes... He had buried this for a while.
He said very bad things about the other person he knew for years.
I told him hon, for a while you were my sweet sensitive man. In your cell making me beautiful cards, keeping away from everyone now your back in the yard, back at your table and now you are back to that raging bull.
You do not want to jeapordize our trailers again... Your getting ready to come home in 6 more years, you don't want anything on your record anymore. You have the chance now to come home on the 1st shot.
Do not fu... it up... because of these men ...

I was scared watching him and I know what he could do if something happens again. I said I don't know if I could handle anymore keep lock or box time or anything again. It is getting to me.

04-24-2008, 08:37 AM
I understand what you are going thru. I've seen the rage my husband can produce first hand and it's intimidating to day the least!
You've told your hubby that you can't handle more hole time and the loss of your family visits so the ball is in his court.
If he decides to continue on with this issue he''s doing it with his eyes open. He knows the consequences of his actions.
You will have to decide what to do when the dust settles. I hope it all dies down without anyone getting hurt, but I have a feeling that they are going to push this guy until he checks into protective custody.

Best of luck,

05-01-2008, 10:48 AM
I can relate to what you are going threw. william is almost 1 yr RVR (violation) free, has been moved to the lowest custody there is for a VO in the state of mississippi and has a grt job in the library! well the other morning he got into a fight and broke the mans eye socket!!! he is so lucky that the building has 150 men in one room! no officer seen it and the guy did not tell em who did it. prob scared of what would happen next! i am scared cuz in this state a VO has to work there way out of prison, there are no breaks. he has been threw his classes and gotten his GED, points are low and is the lowest custody he can get, and almost a year RVR free. he gets cought fighting and he will not get to come home as soon as we are dreaming of. but the life of the inside is not all games and candy! so sometimes they have to do what it takes to survive. i just try to understand and let him do what he needs to to make it in there.