View Full Version : Need to know info on Sergovia Prison Unit TX

04-13-2008, 09:50 AM
:( my husband has been moved SOOO much he is to be paroled in july and he is now at the SAGOVIA unit in edinberg! any info on this unit?

T:confused:HANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

04-13-2008, 10:30 AM
Segovia unit is prerelease unit. My husband was there for his last 6 months (last December to May). He was moved a ton, also. He says it was a good unit and very relaxed. It gets HOT in the summer since there is no AC. I went there 5 times for special visits and enjoyed all of them. Let me know if you have any particular questions and I'll try to help out.

04-20-2008, 06:04 AM
maybe a little late on this, but .... Segovia is a very laid back unit. Since it is a pre release unit... there is normally no one there looking for trouble, thus the officers aren't under as much stress either, which makes for a more relaxed place for your guy. I was able to get 4 hour visits on saturdayand sunday, once a month. I am not sure of the mileage requirement but you may want to call and just ask. There are no outlets for fans, radios etc. as in some of the other units, so that is not a plus. The food is not as good as some of the other units. The staff is very professional and respectful. I really liked visiting there. It is so far down south that the visiting rooms were never full, noisy, or stuffy, and always clean.

04-03-2010, 07:30 PM
My son is in Sagovia Unit I have been sick diagnosis unknown still under tests. I drive 7 hours every 2 weeks to see him. Each time I get more depressed and seem to get sicker after the visit. Doctor wont gie letter to move him closer until they find something life threatening I guess saying I cant travell. Since he went there I have been diagnosed with Hypertension, and low read blood cells which carries oxygen to your main organs being short of breath all the time. Being the only one to drive when I go see him is getting to hard for me. He saw parole around March 20 2010 will know answer in May. He has about 11 months left and I really cant take the drive hes young only 22 still a baby and has a baby due on May 28th he has a fiancee that waits for him faithfully thank god cause that gives him hope. She loves him alot and she needs him closer also for the baby sake. How can I get a hardship with a doctor excuse? Help me get him closer to home. I must say I think this has changed him alot, I really think hes learned a lesson.