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03-22-2008, 07:26 PM
I would like any insight any of you can offer. I had some trouble with bad checks a few years ago and ended up with a deal that put me on probation.

Restitution was ordered and a $25 a month probation fee. I paid the fee every month, but only paid some of the restitution because I am fully disabled on a very limited income. I tried to talk to my PO about it, but he didn't want to hear it, or seem to care. I thought the Probation was due to end NOVEMBER 2007, but it might have been NOVEMBER 2008

Last year my husband and I seperated due to domestic violence, he was working at that time, but once he left, I had only my small Social Security income to live on and raise my daughter. I called the PO and explained that I had no money to pay fees or restitution and in fact had no money to even buy food....I went to food banks to get enough to feed my daughter, but I had NO MONEY, NO CAR, NO NOTHING. I never heard back from him and while I KNOW I should have called back, I didn't.

I am physically and psychologicaly disabled since 1994...the Social Security sent me a letter that said they wouldn't pay my SS anymore because I have a warrent for my arrest. I got that letter Friday afternoon. I am going in to the sherrif department Monday morning to turn myself in, but I am terrified. I've NEVER had a dirty drug test, I do take perscription medication from my doctor for my illnesses. Does anyone have any idea what will happen? I've lived in the same place for 8 years, never tried to leave the county/state...The PO knows where I live, and has had my phone number but hasn't tried ot call me.

Can you get bailed out on a warrent or a violation? Will I have to stay in jail until I got to court? Will I go to court? Will they send me to prison? Anyone have any best case/worse case scenerios to offer? I have NO new cases, I don't drink, do illegal drugs or anything like that and I've never violated before.......

Thank you


04-01-2008, 07:20 PM
MammaWolf I am sorry to say I do not know any thing to say to you.Except good luck with all this.I hope you get it all worked out.