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roc city girl
11-06-2003, 11:13 PM
Hello all! I have an idea but i really need help to bring it out. This is where you guys would come in. I know that there are times when we have a hard time finding certain items for our loved ones.(am I right??) Rather it be clothing or food. We just cant get or find everything they want.

Now, i know that the prison industry is a growing one (unfortunately) and there really isn't alot of vendors that cater to the prisoners. Now, here in Rochester, i see alot of wack shops that do t-shirts, cd's, tapes, etc. My plan is to pick one of those shops to go into and purpose my idea. Being that I am as broke as i dont know what, i cant afford to open a shop. So i want to be able to tell the person about the needs of prisoners and what it is that is in high demand. I want to help them make more business and at the same time make me some $$ cause like i said i am broke as SH*T
BUT (here is my fear) I don't want to be turned away but come to find out a few weeks down the line that "THEY" have suddenly started "PRISON BUSINESS"

So what i am asking for here is advice on how to go about it. Any feed back (positive or negative) wil be greatly appreciated.

11-07-2003, 02:33 PM
That sounds like a good plan, but the only reason why it might not work is because, they would definately take your idea and not break you off with anything. Your going to need money, but what would be best is to wait and get a couple of extra dollars and start buying your things and sell them out of your house, maybe you could even get a small loan from the bank to get things started. Theirs this lady who started her business here in the city, but what she does is, she makes sure everything an inmate wants she buys it and goes to different buses and sells the items, they featured her on NY1 a few years ago, she said the same thing, she was broke but she's doing real well now. If I could help you, let me know. I don't mind doing research!!

11-07-2003, 10:55 PM
I don't know where I saw this but there are places that will loan a small amount of money to women starting out a business. It's 'seed' money but they have had good returns with people repaying the loans...maybe you can find something about it on the net. I will look ,too and I will try to remember where I read about it. It was awhile ago...
I agree you probably need to looka round and find a little money somewhere to start your own...others will jsut take the idea.