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01-30-2008, 08:16 PM
I've noticed a couple of threads about Marion...there are 2 of little one and it's the minimum camp...the other one is medium and is the big camp down the road.

My son was in the little one after 2 yrs at Avery/Mitchell. He did real well...was assistant and then lead trainer of the dog program...worked in the shop that fixes the bikes for wheels of love kids. There are a handful of very nice CO's there that treat them like people with feelings. My son is artistic and did a lot of portraits for the CO's and fellow inmates. It used to be they would let your kids bring in a few toys...all was relaxed...sure there were a few who took advantage with drugs but they always were caught. The CO's had to do their jobs of course. Now here is where life got interesting...the manager retired and they put one of the higher CO's as a manager to get him away from a female CO he was having a thing with. Oh yeah he was gonna be mr big dog and clean up little marion. He was so sure everything was wrong. Why would anyone be happy in that place so he started setting up the dog boys one at a time just to prove that prison is a bad place to be.

The big show was always in was nice...bbq...senators...commissioners and all the big wheels in the area who helped fund the programs. This was so sad...2 big cakes...hardly anyone there...the guys did awesome with the dogs but everything else sucked. My son was one of the lead trainers.

Long story short...4 guys at the building where the bikes were worked on...2 inside on cell phones...2 outside just walked up there. New Sgt who got to take over his wife's old job (she was promoted to unit manager and was a very fair lady as a Sgt). New Sgt and another CO had something to the outside building...go up there and "bust" all 4. Lied on statement and say all 4 were inside. Having a cell phone is an A charge. Son was one outside...was told by new manager if he tells who puts the minutes on the phones he will help him...son don't don't matter. All but him and the other one outside were ratting on everyone about anything...making up things. One even got to go back to minimum because he had just 2 months left and a child with cancer waiting for him...that was the only nice thing. My son has a 7 yr old son who has never gone a week without a visit with his dad since he was 6 mos old. Now his dad can't have visits or phone calls for 120 days. Another one told that he used the phone he is lead trainer.

Does anyone understand this? Why is the family punished? Can we change this? Can we complain and to who?

I've told the manager, sgt and others how I they care? no

Now all I know about the big Marion is the seg part. You are put in a "box" for 23 hrs everyday...and you might be innocent but odds are against you coming out of there innocent. You will get browned down and sent far away from your family...the only glue you have to keep your sanity with is gone...can someone explain how this can go on?

I'm sorry everyone...i had no intention of going on and on but I'm still upset. I want these people to pay for railroading others and not just my son. Who do you contact to help out here or is there no hope at all.