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12-11-2007, 03:20 PM
I have two FL penpals. I want to put both questions in this post. One, I have written for 4 years. I was behind writing him, but in the last month have written him 3 times. He keeps writing me about how I just abandoned him and how could I just stop writing him. This is at columbia. Is there a big problem in the mail room? I don't get it.

2. This problem is worse. He's related to a long time penpal of mine. He told me he and his cellie were set up and someone planted a pick in their cell. He said the officers came and stripped them took them to the day room while they took tools to take apart everything in the cell, and then left the cell open while they took them off to confinement. Now he's telling me he got news he got closed management for an indefinite amount of time for this! He says no radio, TV or books allowed! Can this possibly be right?

I'd really appreciate help from someone who knows there way around FL DOC.

12-13-2007, 12:06 PM
Does anyone have general information about what closed management is? What are the restrictions?

ben's girl
12-21-2007, 12:21 AM
Does anyone have general information about what closed management is? What are the restrictions?

I copied this directly from the FDOC website:

What is Close Management?
Close Management (CM) is confinement of an inmate apart from the general inmate population.
This status is designed to house inmates who commit acts that threaten the safety of others, threaten the security of the institution, or demonstrate an inability to live in the general population without abusing the rights and privileges of others.
The CM system consists of three levels with objective criteria for placement and specific privileges for each level.
Inmates are assigned to the least restrictive level that will meet their management needs.
The inmate is returned to open population as soon as the inmate's behavior and facts of the case suggest the inmate can honor the rights and privileges of the general inmate population.
The CM system requires the department to adhere to certain due process protection requirements afforded inmates before placement in a restrictive status.
There are three levels of CM (CM I, CM II, CM III). CM I is the most restrictive cell housing level and CM III is the least restrictive.

Close Management I: Restrictive single cell, single occupancy housing level.
Inmates at this level have committed the most serious violations and are considered extreme security and management risks.
An inmate assigned to CM I is not eligible for a work assignment inside or outside the CM unit.
Privileges are the most restrictive at this close management level.
Close Management II: Restrictive cell housing--may be single or double occupancy.

Inmates at this level have committed serious violations of policy and are considered extreme security and management risks.
Inmates in CM II status are eligible for work assignments in CM I, CM II, death row housing units, and restricted labor squads.
Inmates in this status are afforded more privileges and program opportunities than CM I inmates.
Close Management III: Restrictive double occupancy cell housing.

This is the least restrictive of the three close management levels.
CM III inmates are provided program opportunities outside of their cell housing as a transition phase preparing for their return to the general inmate population.

CM III inmates are eligible for consideration for an institutional work/program assignment outside of their cell housing.

CM III inmates are eligible for work on the restricted labor squad, work inside CM units, or work usually designated for general population inmates.
Work/program assignments and their individual type is based upon the inmate's behavior, CM level, and the need to provide a transition back into open population status.

Why is the inmate in Close Management?

The best source of information as to why an inmate is in Close Management status is the Classification Unit at the inmate's facility (
Use our Directory ( to locate addresses for Work and Forestry Camps, Road Prisons, Work Release Centers or major institutions.
If you need more information on Close Management, see Rule 33-601.801 ( and 33-601.813 ( Florida Administrative Code (, or e-mail us at: (

03-18-2008, 12:43 PM
This is a little late but I think your referring to confinement. Florida only has a few institutions with CM blocks and Martin isn't one of them.

03-18-2008, 09:45 PM
Also, there is close custody.

It's been so long since I asked Marty it's a little hazy now, but it's a level of custody that doesn't get to go any where outside the fence without being shackled. They sleep in two man cells, instead of being in an open bay dorm. And, used to they wouldn't allow them to work in the kitchen, library or Admin Bldg...and, of course, no canteen job.

This us usually reserved for lifers or inmates having an extremely hard time controlling himself and following the rules, maybe for inmates with more than ten years also...can't quote me on that, but that also may be what he's referring to...

If he got CM status and he's awaiting transfer...he's correct on no books, radio or TV. He will be given a review date every six months. If he hasn't recieved any other DRs, they usually recommend release back out into open population.

If he is classified Close custody...I don't know how that works for someone that's not a lifer. Marty is a lifer, he's been close custody for 20 out of the 22 years he's been inside. I would assume it works on the same line as CM, but I think they are reviewed once a year if not a lifer. Marty is reviewed once every three or four, although he's over 40 so now he gets a medical evaluation once a year.

06-11-2008, 09:53 PM
Thanks for your responses. I called down there since he asked me to, and he did not get close management. I'm not sure if that meant they would transfer him or not. He used that term. He got out, and violated and got life.

ben's girl
06-12-2008, 09:15 PM
Not all close custody inmates are in 2 man cells and they are not all lifers and long timers. A few of my husband's friends are close custody and neither of these apply to them.