View Full Version : out-to-court from Solano and passed his out date......

08-27-2007, 09:56 PM
ok, so my baby was supposed to get out on sunday the 26th and he had finished all his court/ warrents.....everything is cleared up... and then his released date came and left and his parol officer still has not let him out of county and he is supposed to be shiped back to solano tomo (tue). and what if his hold does not lift before he leaves. how long is he going to be stuck in solano....will they keep him because he has been in county for a week and half and so his out date changes cause you only do half time in the pen, but you do full time on county time? the parole officer of the day tranfered me 6 times today and i was in tears when it was all done because i took the day off of work so i csan pick him up...... now he is not here...............i miss him and i know he is cloes to geting out....but i just want him home so bad! you know.......can anyone replay and give me some help ...please.....thx:cry: :cry: :cry: :confused: :confused: