View Full Version : Denied visits at CSP-Solano- has anyone else experienced this?

07-05-2007, 06:31 PM
Hi everyone. I am new here. My man just got to sol. I have been trying to get approved for visits but am not having any luck. I was denied first because I did't have my complete arrest I did the livescan fingerprinting thing and sent it to the DOJ which sent my back my complete history.....attached it to the form and resent it. waiting and waiting and I just found out that I have been denied again. I guess they want a Minute Order from the court about one of my previous arrests. I am not on probation and have completed everything. I am getting so dicouraged. I miss him so much. Haven't seen or talked to him in quite awhile.

Do they always deny one thing at a time? If there are other things on my application that will get me denied or they need more information about it .... well I wish they would tell me all at the same time.

Anyway just wanted to say "hello" to everyone. Thanks for letting me vent about the denial of visits.

:cry: :( :)