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05-07-2007, 07:09 AM
Sentencing Commission Issues Major Report on New Jersey’s Adult Drug Court Program and Supplemental Report on “Drug Free Zone” Laws

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TRENTON – The New Jersey Commission to Review Criminal Sentencing (Commission) today issued the first comprehensive and independent examination of the New Jersey Adult Drug Court Program (ADCP). The report encompasses a series of proposed statutory changes to New Jersey’s Code of Criminal Justice in order to expand and improve operation of the ADCP.

John Walters, Director of the Office of National Drug Control, has declared that “Drug Courts are one of the most significant criminal-justice system initiatives in the past 20 years.” Since the late 1980’s, drugs courts have grown exponentially, quickly becoming a national phenomenon based on the perception that successful drug court graduates are far less likely to reoffend and that drug courts are a more effective and less costly alternative to imprisonment for certain offenders.

During the press conference, the Commission also released a follow-up report to its 2005 Report on New Jersey’s Drug Free Zone Crimes & Proposal For Reform. This supplemental report incorporates new data which the Commission strongly believes necessitates immediate legislative implementation of its reform proposals.

05-07-2007, 10:01 PM
Thanks so much for this update. As you know, my son is incarcerated in PA, but via Interstate Compact, hopefully he will be returning to NJ (if they accept him, as he is an SO with no priors..squeeky clean record) and the 2,000 ft restriction would not allow him to return to his home in NJ. Changing that to 200 would make it possible. How long does it take for something like this to change, if you know?

Take care and keep up the good work! We need all the help we can get out here and inside.