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09-14-2003, 09:09 AM
Currently there are over 1400 inmates who are in county jail waiting for a space to open up at ADC (the Arkansas Department of Corrections).

Here's what's ironic, your loved one could be waiting in county jail up to 6 months before they ever go to diagnostics which is where they receive orientation. In the meantime, they don't know diddly about how the system works unless they get it from other inmates (which is often unreliable.) The most reliable information from inmates comes from repeat offenders - and it's hard to know who to trust.

That's where we (friends and family) come in. You can obtain a copy of the Guide for Friends and Family online or request it from the constituent services officer. Here's the link to the online version (I posted that information as well as the Constituent Servicees Officer's contact information in another thread).

Now, here's what they won't tell you. You're wondering how long your loved one will be waiting in county jal to go to ADC. There's really not much way of knowing, but here's how it works. You can go to the ADC website and see how many inmates in the county jail are waiting to go to ADC. Here's the website: Click on Inmate Search, Search All Offenses will already be seletcted, and look for the box that lets you "Search by Facility", select your loved one's facility from the drop down box and click "Begin" If you selected a county jail, you will see the information for every inmate in that facility who is waiting to go to ADC.

I check my husband's facility frequently and keep an eye on people who have come in since he was there and people who have left to get some sort of an idea of when he will be transferred to ADC (diagnostics and then on to a "parent facility.") Neither the ADC nor the county jail will tell you, even if they know, when an inmate will be moved (because they don't want them to prepare for an escape.
:rolleyes: Also, know that it's not a "first in, first out basis." What happens is when beds open up at the ADC, they go thru a rotation of contacting the county jails and they say "we have 5 (example) beds open for your inmates." The county jail decides which 5 of their inmates should go. We've seen it to be true that the most violent offenders or troublemakers go first.

My husband should most likely be transferred pretty soon, so he has all his things ready. He'll only get to keep his bible. The things he wants to mail back home are already in envelopes with stamps on them. Because, when it's his turn to be transferred they'll simply come to his cell at 5:30 am and take him - no warning, nothing. They have exchanged family's phone numbers (my husband gave his roommate my phone number, and the roommate gave my husband his mom's number) so that if one is taken to ADC, the other can contact the family by phone to let them know.

We've not yet found out what happens to mail that comes to the county jail for the inmate after he goes to ADC.

Any commissary money left on an inmate's books will be refunded to the inmate in the form of a check which he/she can take to ADC for his commissary books there.

Differences in commissary: At the county jail, you mail money orders to the county jail for your loved one's commissary account. It's different at ADC, all the money orders have to go to Pine Bluff, with no other correspondence, and not to the actual facility where your loved one resides, and you have to include a deposit slip. I'll post that information in another thread as well.

Hope this helps.

09-17-2003, 12:26 PM
My husband was in County for exctally (well shy of one day) befor they sent him to Diagnostics & now he is @ Grimes in Newport Ark

09-17-2003, 01:30 PM
If my husband wanted to, he could have chose to stay "out" until a bed opened up at ADC. He wanted to go ahead and get it started, was concerned about the expense we'd gone thru already with traveling to court, etc, so he went on in to County. If he had opted to stay out, they would have brought him to county for less than 24 hours and then off to diagnostics and ADC. We only had 10 minutes to make the decision - you don't know how often we wrestle with wondering if we made the right decision.

09-17-2003, 01:33 PM
Just clarifying, if he'd have opted to stay out, WHEN A BED OPENED UP AT ADC, THEN they'd have taken him to county for less than 24 hrs. So he'd still be home, but we'd still be "waiting for the axe to fall." At least now, he's doing his time and will possibly get good time for what he's served at county.

09-21-2003, 07:08 AM
At county, no wedding ring. At ADC you can wear a wedding band.

At ADC, no smoking at all. At county, you can smoke outside, guard lights cigarette for you.

I'm worried about the differences in visitation, but looking forward to the contact visits. If you know the details on the visitation differences, please post a reply.

04-10-2008, 10:33 PM
so if my soon to be husband wanted to wait until a bed was opened he could home .. and wait..

12-15-2008, 08:08 AM
I just got out of the county on ankle monitor, I been there four months waiting to go to ADC, I was only sentence to 36months, I was told that I would only do six months on that. Since I already done four, I hope to just go to Dia. and parole out of JCJ. The info you shared was a big help THANK YOU

12-29-2008, 05:45 AM
As of Dec.29,2008 there are close to 1,300 people waiting in county jails or out on ADC bond waiting to go to ADC. When I got sentenced there was 140 people waiting in Pulaski County then it went down to 105 and now it's at 119. They say when the inmate backlog reaches 500 then the EPA will kick in...There are that many people waiting to go to ADC from Pulaski, Washinton and Faulkner county alone so you can see that nobody is in a hurry to transfer anyone...also FYI: Do you know when Dina Tyler is lying? It's everytime she opens her mouth.