View Full Version : Scam alert-they use the same msg we hear to accept prison collect calls.

03-28-2007, 03:54 AM
I got a phone call around 9:30am Monday morning from (866)478-8892 and I was sleepy but remember when I answered it said I have a collect call from a correctional facility (it said the same facility that my boyfriend is at), and to press a button to accept. So I pressed it and then it said something like my phone can't accept collect calls and to call some 800# with my credit card # to setup a prepaid account. I assumed it was a mistake by Global Tel-Link because they mess up on our calls many times and said I didn't have a pre-pay acct when I did. Good thing I didn't call back right away and give them my cc#, I was soo sleepy that I turned the phone off and went back to sleep.

Well this call sounds innocent because it sounded very similar to the collect calls I have received before I had a prepay acct set up. Well, guess honey never called at that time :eek: and when I called back the number it said that this number has some new information and in order to receive it, I must press any button. So I pressed the button and it said it will send me a text message with the information, then it hung up. The text message is from # 23333 and says ""Reply Y Now to get the info on the # you are trying to reach. Locator Srvc $9.99/month+std msg fees for 20 lookups/month. Support/terms? (".

It seems to be a scam or telemarketer so I didn't reply to the text message. So I looked at the website and its some locator service, which is all a bunch of crap. I googled the name of the website and found many others complaining of receiving this call, but they don't have anybody in the prison system, and the calls say different names of prisons to each person. Here's the website:
The website contains all the different caller ids that this telemarketer/scam company is using. One person got charged $25 somehow by this company and they didn't know how it happened.:angry:

I figured I'd let you all know because the phone call I received sounded sooooo legit!! So be careful!!!!! Good thing about my phone is I can see all calls made to /from my account on a daily basis and so far I don't see anything suspcious there nor in my bank accounts. Just to be on the safe side I'm going to report it.

Edited to add: I found some more info on this website and some people think it is Global Tel-Link because of the charge on their bill. I think that either GTL gotten desperate to trick people into setting up prepaid accts OR a fake company is posing to be Global Tel-Link in order to fool skeptical citizens. Either way, it is very suspicious and when I get a chance I'll call GTL and tell them about this.

04-27-2007, 07:58 AM
The same thing happened to me and it WAS Global Tel!