View Full Version : Sales Tax on Prison Store Items

03-16-2007, 01:39 PM
An article in the Free Press today about Granholms plan to tax items including prison store items....

Higher prices in prison no worry
So far, the inmates aren't revolting over Granholm's proposal to tax items they buy in prison stores. The revenue would be relatively minimal -- the most expensive items in prison stores are a $95 television and a $279 typewriter, but most everything else sells for less than $5.
Barbara Levine, executive director of the Citizens Alliance for Prisons and Public Spending, which advocates for Michigan inmates, said she doesn't really have a problem with the tax.
"We have much bigger concerns, frankly," she said, like the cost of collect calls for prisoners. "But the sales tax, we're not too worried about."

But what gets me is this article only contains a small part about taxing prison store items and the comments people make about prisoners are horrible and ignorant as always....

03-16-2007, 01:54 PM
Craig DeRoche had stated that there was not going to be a tax on inmates goods. ike the one guy said about the water rental, it is going to fall on the poor because they are the ones renting these things because they can't afford to buy them. What about the government heads taking a cut in pay?Everybody is taking there cuts but them. They never think of themselves!