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03-04-2007, 11:37 PM
Donovan ladies:
How long did ur loved one have to wait before he was classified? My fiance has been in the reception for 10 months now. Is it possible that the system may have lost him? I find this unbelievable..... I havent been able to hear his voice, or see him. He writes me, just to let me know that he is ok, and that he is still waiting to be classified. What the heck:angry: If anyone has any answers please give me a little insight on what to expect.


03-29-2007, 10:53 PM
No,he Just Has To Wait For His Husband Has Been In Recepiton For Just As Long As Your Husband Too.once They Get Their Mainline,then They Can Call Too.i Dont See Why You Havent Been Able To See Him,cuz You Should Be Able Probably Will Be Over The Phone ,until He Is At His Facility.till Then Thats What Really Gose On.he Can Be There For Awhile Now,it Just All Depends On How Quickley They Find A Place For Him.he Can Stay There Or Be Shipped Out,the Last Time My Husband Got Shipped Out It Was To Centinille.hope That He Will Not Get Sent To There They Are Assholes.honestly.i Hope That This Helps Out A Lil That Is What I Have Found Out With My Husband At Donavan.if You Need Anything Else Just Give Me A Ring ,i Will Help You Out The Best That I Can. Good Luck...