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02-15-2007, 10:17 PM
Does Anyone Have Any Info On The Rid Program At Smci? I Can't Find Anything On The Web About It. Any Info Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

02-16-2007, 06:48 AM
Hi, I am running really late but this is what I found with some quick searching on MDOC site

I know the RID participants are housed in Unit 9.

"The RID Program consists of four phases lasting approximately five weeks each. There are eight treatment program components offered; five are mandatory and three optional. The mandatory components are: Discipline Therapy, Psychological Counseling, Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Pre Release Counseling, and Aftercare Strategies. Adult Basic Education, Discipleship Study, and Community Service Work Projects are optional treatment components offered."

Visits: "RID Facility - First and Third Saturday of month, 0800 – 1130 hour" RID visitors may not bring any money in at all.

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02-22-2007, 02:53 AM
Also I would suggest calling SMCI - and asking them about the visitation procedures and what is or isn't allowed.

06-10-2007, 09:09 PM
Yeah, I got a address so that you can write someone in the RID program there in Leaksville. You put the person's name and MDOC number and then SMCI followed by P.O. Box 1419 Leaksville, MS. 39451. My husband was just transferred from CMCF on Wednesday. He is doing the RID program too! I just mailed him 2 letters hoping he will write me back soon. Hope you talk to your loved one soon! :)

06-10-2007, 10:33 PM
Can anyone shed some light on the R.I.D. program? I hear it is pretty tough. Can it been done sooner than 5 months? Please any information would greatly appreciated! Thanks!:)