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08-27-2003, 09:43 PM
In 1997, I was sentence to 46 months in Bryan Federal Prison. I was sad, oppressed, and depressed, because I lost my children, and everything else that I thought I had. But my story is not about being in prison but coming out of prison. I realized that I was in a spiritual prison even before I went into a natural prison But I thank God today That I made it out of both prison with a shout. I got out in June of 1999. And I am grateful because while incarcerated I found the best friend ever and His name is Jesus. He not only
delivered me of alcohol and drugs but He made me free of them. I am no longer bound to them. God helped me to come out of prison. This is the way for everyone to come out of prison by repenting of their wrongs and giving their lives to Jesus because He says that He is the way, the truth, and the life and no man can come unto the Father unless they come through Him, andHe is telling all that will hear His voice to come unto Him and He will give you rest. He will bring you out without a doubt. Know that just because you are in prison you don't have to stay. First you must come out of that spiritual prison because we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers. And this thing that has you in captivity cannot keep you bind if you give it to Jesus and let him work it out. You got the power to come out of prison right where you are. I did , I got loose in Bryan and the devil has no power over Jesus and when I left Bryan I left with Jesus in me and He's keeping me and sustaining me right now. Sometimes God allows us to go through prison in order for us to get closer to Him and once we get our focus on Him and doing what is right He allows us to come out of prison so that our light could shine. So I want to encourage you to come out of prison by getting to know Jesus Christ the one true God, the one that laid down His life for you. The one that shed His blood for you, the one that hung on the cross and died, the one that did not stay in the borrowed tomb but He arose on that third day for you and for me that we may be the righteousness of His FATHER. God is a awesome God and He loved us so much that He gave His only son as a sacrificial lamb that we may be save. God's grace saved us and by His gracw we can come out of prison........So let not your heart be troubled, do the time that you have but do it with a purpose in mind, that purpose is getting to know Jesus and I can assure you that if you put Jesus in your time You will COME OUT OF PRISON............