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08-26-2003, 12:17 AM
I was just wondering if there was anybody out there who knew if there was a law stating that inmates have to have a certain amount of time of uninterrupted sleep. My fiance told me at our last visit that one of his cellmates thinks that there is such a law. And he wanted me to try to find out. If you dont know maybe you can refer me to where i can find out if such a law exists. thanks ahead of time!


08-26-2003, 04:28 AM
I cannot really help. It would be great if it were a law that was enforced. I didn't realize that some had problems with having their sleep interrupted. That doesn't help in alleviating stress for sure. I wish someone would enforce a law like that in my house. I do not sleep too well. (My head wakes me up to think and converse).


08-26-2003, 05:27 AM

I don't know if a law exists, but it's well known that sleep deprivation is a form of torture, and TDCJ uses deprivation ALL THE TIME. They leave the lights on, claiming they have to see everyone. They wake up inmates repeatedly to keep them from getting proper sleep. They KNOW what they are me.


08-26-2003, 07:49 AM
I dont know about law's governing TDC, But County Jails fall under Texas Jail Standards and there is a rule that says they have to be allowed 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Of course like every other rule in this system there are loopholes they use to get around that. I think TDC falls under different laws, but I'm sure if they have a rule about this, it has the same loopholes.


08-26-2003, 05:04 PM
I don't know the answer, but I will check into it and get back with ya'll....Blessings,

Goose Bumps
08-26-2003, 05:17 PM
They rarely are allowed to go more than four hours with uninterrupted sleep. There are certain counts during the night that the inmates have to speak there name and number, not just show the ID card. To do that you have to be awake, there are definitely many units that practice sleep deprivation, I know of only the womens units that my friend has been on. I can imagine it's worse in the mens units. It's terrible. But hey they are criminals right, they don't have any rights. I am so sick of the way they are treated. I'm not a hug-a-thug either as we are called by the CO's on the TDCJ-ID website. Some of you should visit that site you will get the feel of just how the co's thin and what they think is funny. It's disgusting. Check it out!!! I get too angry when I read what they think and do on thses units all for the sake of security, my ass!!! Please check this out!!!

08-26-2003, 07:16 PM
THey also have been known to wake them up at 1 in the morning for mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-27-2003, 04:50 PM
Okay, when I did count we only had to see a body, we did not wake them up. And, here is the information I got from a member of the ACLU:

The best I can find right now is

" Noise levels in inmate housing units do not exceed 70 dBA (A Scale) in daytime and 45 dBA (A Scale) at night." 4th Edition ACA Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions Page 42
TDCJ has to go by these standards.

This is from the ACA manual, and I remember trying to find info on this last year, but could not. I think it's all this noise scale stuff. Now you must find out what these numbers mean. An audio store may know. (End Quote)

Goose Bumps
08-27-2003, 04:58 PM
From what my friend on Hobby tells me it's been tougher since those seven guys escaped a couple years ago. But they have to, as I said speak their name and number, not just see a body. It's not a matter of noise levels it's the interrupted sleep by the CO's. They can be quiet and still wake up the inmates to ask for ID and their name and number.

08-27-2003, 05:11 PM
I find this interesting:

In general, one thing can be said about the noise level - each person's perception of noise level is subjective and hence different from the next person's. Be that as it may, noise levels above the 50 dB(A) limit are always disruptive, no matter what range of frequencies create them. Noise levels below 45 dB(A) are generally acceptable (depending on the frequency) and are perceived as less disruptive by the majority of people.

08-27-2003, 05:22 PM
I found a chart at:

I hope this helps everyone....Blessings,

So How Loud Is Loud?

70 - 80 dB Loud police whistle, city street noise

45 - 60 dB Moderate normal conversation at close up.

08-28-2003, 02:11 PM

I looked up "sleep" in the texas statutes. This link should take you to the page in order for you to search for prisoner rights regarding sleep. I hope this helps.

08-28-2003, 02:49 PM
sorry but that link didnt load correctly for me :(

BUT, apparently billy gets his BEST writing done between like midnight-3am. i believe he told me they have to be up @ 5am for some of his letters are timed @ like 230am & i know he spends AT LEAST 1 hour writing me. so that means hes getting to bed @ 330 am so he can get up at 5am. i dont know how my sweet baby boy can do this day in & day out.

BUT, i can tell ya that once he gets out, hes gonna have to sleep around MY sleeping hours. which is like 4am-2pm. lol :)

08-28-2003, 06:44 PM

sorry the first link didn't work. Here is the "home" link to the Texas Statutes page. Please click "search" and take it from there.
If one does not sleep during "scheduled sleep time" there is nothing, you can hold the system accountable for. I know jail is rough; I've been through many.
Hope this helps.