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08-25-2003, 09:41 PM
Anyone know how this works? Any documentation?
What I'm trying to find out is how long it takes for classification to get lowered, rules, procedures, etc..
How do they get to each level, so that they can get a lower custody level. I'm also going to write to the Bureau of Classification, to find out more. Any help here will be appreciated, or any horror stories, what to watch for, look out for, etc...
Thanks in advance.

08-28-2003, 07:32 AM
You can look in the TDCJ website go to the offender handbook-it has a whole bunch of stuff about it in there I hope it answers your questions...Good Luck


08-28-2003, 07:45 AM
Normally (and case free), an offender is reviewed every 6 months for a classification change/promotion. There is a good thread in the Texas forum that describes the Texas classifications.

Most who come in start at L1. (line class 1) good/bad behavior will take you from there. You may step up to a SAT3 (state approved trusty). There is also an S4, but there are very FEW S4's in the system.

Any cases will put off promotions in classification....and from what I've seen, once an inmate pulls a "major" case, they will not be reviewed again for a year for a promotion (you have to go a year case free before you will be considered).

I would recommend you contact classification and talk to Terry. Her number is 936-437-8942. She can answer any additional questions you may have, and she is usually more than happy to help.

I'm ask a lot of questions....and you get a lot of answers....can I get some specifics from you? How long is your man in for? How long has he already served? I can better help you with information if I have some idea what you are up against. I'm not interested in what he did or where he's located (that's your business), but you sound anxious to get him home...and if I can help you fight some of the brick walls you WILL encounter, I will be glad to.


08-28-2003, 07:51 AM

TDCJ Line Class Status
The line class levels from highest to lowest level are as follows:

S1 (Often called Trustee one or Stat one)
S2 (Often called Trustee two or Stat two)
S3 (Often called Trustee three or Stat three)
S4 (Often called Trustee four or Stat four)
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

There are only a handful of S1's in all of TDCJ. For most prisoners S2 is as high as they will go. For some crimes (homicides in particular) S3 is as high as the prisoner can go. Generally, unit disciplinary cases are the cause of a prisoner dropping in class. Prisoners generally rise in class levels by serving their time case free. How often and how many class levels a prisoners rises is a decision made by unit authorities. As a rule of thumb a prisoner usually rises one or two classes at a time and reclassifications occur between every six months and every year.
Prisoners have to reach the line class they entered into the TDCJ system as in order to become eligible for parole again. So if the prisoner entered as a Trusty IV and unit disciplinary case brought him down to a Line III, he will have to continue to have good disciplinary till he reclasses to a Trusty IV.
Remember, reclassification is a unit decision and has nothing to do with the parole board. Unit wardens have discretion within set guidelines on how fast a prisoner can rise in class. But I'd say generally it will take a year to go from a Line III to an S-IV (Trusty IV).

08-28-2003, 07:54 AM
Never mind...I see the answers I was looking for in your profile.....he's done 5 years on a he coming up for parole review/eligibility?


08-28-2003, 11:15 PM
I ask alot of questions, because I've been up against things that are not making any sense. I'm just getting into this TDCJ mess, and its confusing to say the least. I got denied my visit this weekend, and shouldn't have. I called the admin office, and stated I shouldn't have been denied. However there was a descrpancy. I drove 8 hours. The guards tried to tell me something I knew wasn't true. That he got contact visitation. He's been G4 only got G3 8-21and
I know for a fact he didn't get a contact visit, and they told me he did. Then they told me he already had visits that
over consumed his quota, and I knew better - I'm the only one that visits him. So needless to say, its all fabricated to suit their mood when I get there. I need to see him this weekend, and I'm concerned I'll get denied again.. Admin at Hughes says I won't but if I get down there and get turned away, I'm going to throw a fit. If I do that they could ban me right? I've been really upset all week over this. I've done other things to try and help this situation. Its very disappointing.. again I know.. welcome to TDCJ....
I'm not done yet.. it only makes me more determined.

08-28-2003, 11:22 PM
Thanks for the great info Kath, it helped me understand a little more! My husband just received a S3 classification this month and we are waiting on a parole answer (holding my breath). I always enjoy reading your informative information.

08-29-2003, 01:13 AM

I don't know if it will help or not, but when Skip was in ID units, I always called on Monday to request the special visit. I then called back on Friday to see if the warden approved it. It save me a lot of he was moved twice....and I would have gone to the wrong unit. I flew there and rented a car to go see him.

Have you talked to anyone in records at the unit....or have you spoken to the warden directly? Sometimes, there is more than meets the guards' eyes, and you will have to dig your heels in to get answers.

You may alo check with:
Records (time info/classification): 936-437-6484

I would suggest NOT throwing a fit, and trust me whan I say..."BEEN THERE....HAD TO NEARLY GNAW OFF MY LIP." No matter how much you want to.....don't let your frustration cost you future visits.

When it DOES come time to visit, ask the Texas ladies about clothing, visitation at the Hughes unit, etc. They will tell you what colors to wear (avoid white), they will tell you the best brand of ziploc bags. They will tell you $20 in paper money. They will tell you no cell underwire bras (although my bras & TITATNIUM NIPPLE RINGS ALWAYS MADE IT IN - go figure). They will tell you where to park, what time to arrive, and to write your license plate # on your hand (if you don't, they'll make you go back & get it, and you'll lose your place in line.) If I remember correctly, you are not immediate family, and would not qualify for contact visits...??? Even if you don't get contact, it sounds like you are travelling plenty of distance to qualify for a special 4 hour visit. (but you must get this approved by the warden....SEE HOW ABOVE).

Most of all....the ladies here will tell you a story of unity. They will share with you.....alllllllllll the frustrations they have that maybe....JUST can avoid a few yourself. See, it's what we're here for....and I sense determination, desparation & frustration in your posts....but look around....MOST OF US HAVE BEEN THERE!!!

Again, Skip & I are short timers...but there is no telling how many dollars and phone calls it took for me to gain what I pass on to you. There were days when I spoke to anyone who would listen. Rarely, did a day go by, that I didn't talk to SOMEONE at SOME LEVEL OF TDCJ. I don't have this knowledge by mistake.....and I'm happy to help in anyway I can.


08-29-2003, 09:15 PM
I am gong to see my baby tomorrow, if they deny me then so be it.. but when they denied me last weekend, they called for him, and he wouldn't move until he got an answer why. I called the admin office but sometimes when you get to the gate, they state something different.

08-31-2003, 11:37 AM
Just got back Sat, with my man. We had such a wonderful visit, it was too much. I cannot tell you how much our relationship is growing. It makes it so much harder. Missing him so. Kath.. did you talk with the Gatesville warden? Need to know the kind of man he is. I already know the procedures to well for visits. Getting someone upset will not help any at all. I'm not going to go there at all. Give me a few more pointers dealing with TDCJ.. Thanks in advance..

09-02-2003, 07:40 AM
It's interesting how differently all of the units do it - or how the people waiting do it - at the Holliday Unit, we are all well aware of our place in line, and if we get out of it, we get to have it back. There is absolutely NO cutting in line - people will let you know, either nicely, or not so nicely (rarely). But, overall, people are very helpful with each other, and, as I said, once you stake out your place, it's yours.

Funny, huh?