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Segovia Unit - General Information

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Parole Region and Board and IPO Contact information

Any transportation available to Segovia Unit?

Miscellaneous FAQ's about what to expect at the Segovia Unit

01-02-2007, 11:57 PM
The Segovia Pre-Release Unit has been in operation since March 1995. The unit houses a total of about 248 employees, The maximum capacity of this unit is 1,224 inmates, and they house G1, G2, and G4 inmates. Segovia Unit offers a variety of educational programs which include: Literacy, CHANGES/Pre-Release, English as a Second Language, Project RIO, Cognitive Intervention, Parenting Seminars as well as Career and Technology Programs such as Business Computer Information Systems I. Additional programs also include: Spiritual Growth Programs, Prison for a Day, Crime Stoppers, and Mentor Programs. Some of the Community Work Projects that inmates participate in are provided to city and county agencies, and the area food bank. Lastly, Volunteer Programs include Chaplaincy, Education, and Substance Abuse.

Senior Warden: Alfonso Castillo
Regional Director: Reynaldo Castro

1201 East El Cibolo Rd
Edinburg, TX
Phone #:
(956) 316- 2400

You CAN send items such as:

-Newspapers, magazines, and books may be mailed directly from the publisher, publication supplier, or bookstore.

-Stationery, colored paper (cannot exceed 8 1/2" by 11"), carbon paper, writing tablets with no staple binding, and unstamped blank envelopes(nothing written on them not even inmate name or address) may also be sent directly from the vendor (Examples of vendors: Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, etc.)

You CANNOT send items such as:

- Food, clothing, jewelry, or toiletries.

Visitation Hours:

Saturdays or Sundays 8:00am-5:00pm


The name of all visitors, with the exception of their attorney, and children under sixteen years old must be on the inmates' visitor list. Inmates are only allowed to add ten people to their visitor list.

Inmates are allowed a two hour visit every weekend. Only two adults are allowed per visit, and children are not counted in this limit. Children under the age of sixteen must be with an adult on the inmate's visitor list.

-Visitors may bring a small clear purse with $20.00 in coins to purchase snacks/ drinks from the vending machines during visitations. Do NOT take any paper currency.

- If you have infants, or small children you are allowed to bring a max of three diapers, baby wipes, and two baby bottles/sippy cups.

What to wear to visitation:

-Shirts, and shoes MUST be worn at all times.

-Female visitors must wear dresses, skirts, capri, or long pants. (Dresses, or skirts that are too short may require an approval by the correction officer.)

-Male visitors must wear long pants.

- Shirts, cut-offs, halter tops, undershirts, tank tops, as well as shirts and blouses of fishnet or transparent material are NOT allowed.

- Clothing that contains offensive language, or images is NOT allowed.

Who is eligible for Contact Visits?

- Immediate Family such as Natural or adoptive parents, steppparents or grandparents; spouses, natural or adopted children, stepchildren or grandchildren, natural, adoptive, or stepsiblings, aunts and/or uncles, and persons related by marriage if accompanied by immediate family member.

**Some inmates CANNOThave contact visits with children due to the nature of their offense. Please call the unit prior to visitation to confirm this.

Exceptions for Contact Visits:

-With prior approval from the unit warden, non-immediate family members may be allowed a contact visit if it is proven that the inmate has no immediate family that visits him.

HOTELS in Edinburg, TX

Holiday Inn Express (,+TX&ie=UTF8&latlng=26285557,-98165209,16845179534211422902&ei=SDKbRaHYKYPgqwKqjvz3BQ)
1806 S Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX
(956) 383-8800

Best Western Edinburg Inn & Suites (,+TX&ie=UTF8&latlng=26276812,-98169721,11689212401927844228&ei=SDKbRaHYKYPgqwKqjvz3BQ)
2708 S Business Hwy 281 (closner Blvd), Edinburg, TX
(956) 318-0442

Comfort Inn (,+TX&ie=UTF8&latlng=26264326,-98172302,10885266374415370239&ei=SDKbRaHYKYPgqwKqjvz3BQ)
4001 S Us Hwy 281, Edinburg, TX
(956) 318-1117

Rex Motel (,+TX&ie=UTF8&latlng=26281991,-98166165,16743327295144361605&ei=SDKbRaHYKYPgqwKqjvz3BQ)
2207 S Us Highway 281, Edinburg, TX
(956) 383-5681

Amigo Motel (,+TX&ie=UTF8&latlng=26276766,-98169744,866586008444183984&ei=SDKbRaHYKYPgqwKqjvz3BQ)
2721 S Us Highway 281, Edinburg, TX
(956) 383-1663

Super 8 - Edinburg, TX (,+TX&ie=UTF8&sll=26.301389,-98.163056&sspn=0.125882,0.2314&latlng=26302499,-98162099,17079325799547346482&ei=6DKbRfq3FoPgqwKpjvz3BQ)
202 N Highway 281, Edinburg, TX
(956) 381-1688

Super 8 Motel (,+TX&ie=UTF8&sll=26.301389,-98.163056&sspn=0.125882,0.2314&latlng=26328993,-98150693,6441556527628706710&ei=6DKbRfq3FoPgqwKpjvz3BQ)
202 N Hwy 281, Edinburg, TX
(956) 381-1688


La Casa Del Taco
321 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 383-0521

Domino's Pizza
1518 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 380-3030

Little Caesars
1410 S Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX
(956) 381-9797

Taco Bell
1716 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 383-1005

Pizza Hut
1802 S Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX
(956) 381-0991

Burger King No 6417
1520 S Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX
(956) 380-1360

Papa Johns Pizza
1723 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 383-4000

McDonald's Restaurant
2120 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 316-3333

La Jaiba Shrimp House
524 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 316-3474

Crusita's Kitchen
1310 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 316-2175

Schlotzsky's Deli
1704 W University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 316-3354

Church's Fried Chicken
820 E University Dr, Edinburg, TX
(956) 380-0882

Adobe Grill & Bar The
308 N Closner Blvd, Edinburg, TX
(956) 318-0545


9.4 miles north of Edinburg off highway 281 in Hidalgo County (you will see an exit for El Cibolo Rd)

Things To Do In Edinburg

Museum of South Texas History- Edinburg, TX
Kuhn Street, (Formerly Hidalgo County Museum)
Phone #: (956) 383-6911

Edinburg Scenic Wetlands- Edinburg, TX
714 S. Raul Longoria
Edinburg, TX 78539
Phone #: (956) 381-9922
Fax#: (956) 381-0715
URL: (

Current TDCJ policies allow eligible inmates, determined by security and classification levels, to make one five-minute collect phone call every 90 days.

Institution Parole Office:

Beeville IPO
HCO2, Box 956
Bldg. 2040, 2nd Floor
Beeville, TX 78102
P: 361-362-6511
F: 361-362-6325

Regional and District Parole Offices:

McAllen DPO
1912 Beaumont St.
McAllen, Texas 78501
P: 956-664-0250
F: 956-630-5214

Regional Director:
Mike Lozito
2902 NE Loop 410
San Antonio Metro Parole Complex
San Antonio, TX 78218
P: 210-564-3700
F: 210-564-3842

Assistant Regional Directors:
Region IV
Corpus Christi DPO
Jorge Fernandez
5233 HI-37, Suite A-6
Corpus Christi, Texas 78408
P: 361-888-5769
F: 361-888-4407

San Antonio DPO
Norma Greenfield
2902 NE Loop 410
San Antonio Metro Parole Complex
San Antonio, TX 78218
P: 210-564-3700
F: 210-564-3842

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles:

San Antonio Board Office
2902 N.E. Loop 410, Suite #206
San Antonio, TX 78218
210-564-3726 Fax

Jose L. Aliseda, Board Member
(Beeville) (2-1-09)*

Chuck Speier, Parole Commissioner

Edgar Morales, Parole Commissioner

Is Transportation available to Segovia Unit?


Miscellaneous Facts:

Segovia Pre-Release Facility and Lopez State Jail are co-located on the same acreage. The two units also work in cooperation with Contract Farming, Security Horses/Dogs, Texas Gleaning Food Bank Program, Unit Garden