View Full Version : Does anyone have any experience with the house arrest process?

09-30-2006, 05:57 AM
I am completely lost and would greatly aprieciate any guidance or info. My husband was just sentenced on August 21st 2006. He got a 12 to 30 month sentence. He is currently at Tonopah Conservation Camp. Anyways his case worker told him he is eligible for pre realse to house arrest for the remainder of his sentence. His case worker said that there is no average for how long it takes from now till he is released to house arrest. He has seen it go through in three weeks to taking up to one year. My husband said that by me calling the right people and saying just simply that his family misses him and can't make it to visit because of work that will somehow push his application through the system. I don't see how, but he said that someone there just applied two weeks ago and they are already schelduling his house inspection. I called the numbers my husband has given me but I am so lost. Just went around in a huge circle. If anyone knows anything about speeding up the process, who to call, how exactly it works please let me know... the only person I have gotten any info from is Rhonda Larsen who informed me the application was sent over three weeks ago and hasn't been recieved.:confused: