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09-27-2006, 09:26 PM
As of November 1 2005 it will be 1 year that i have been on probation for this new felony charge. my sentence was 2 years probation with 18 months suspended time now question, i havent had any violations in 1 year and ive dont 90 % of my stipulations.. so u think that if i ask they will remove 3 of the stipulations i cant do now remeber ive been on probation sice 2001 with this same court but different so they know me well and this is the first time in my life with having no violations for this long so anyways,

1.they want me to 3 AA meeting a week- which i cant do cuz i have kids and i feel like i shouoldnt have too cuz in not an alcohalic

2. for the past year i have been getting drug tested thru my hail folicles and paying the $80 for it my self. now the testing place is in boston and now imin greenfield and ive been clean since 11-05 with no Violations do u think they will let me stop doing it or at least do the urine out in greenfield cuz it closer.. ???

3. and i know this maybe far fetch but to maybe close 2 of the 4 cases i have that arent even important as the felony

well friday my kids have no school and im thinking of going to boston to my real court and going before the judge to ask him this stuff

so just need some advice


09-29-2006, 05:45 AM
Boston baby .. you can always try........ I have no idea how your po will respond to your requests.. did your po transfer your case from boston to greenfield yet? do you have a new po in greenfield?

Just my opinion, they like to send people to aa thinking it's a cure all .. but it 's for people who want it not who need it.. also you have stated your not an alcoholic . You may want to discuss this with your po.. but if one of your charges you were intoxicated or you claimed at the time you were under influence blah blah they might of said okay she has a problem..
blah blah

MOST people not you but the majority wind up in prison due to substance abuse and most stand before the courts using the statements i will go to aa / na and be good and stay out of trouble.. it has kept some folks out of jail.. and into tx.. but again if they dont want it .. well than they will be back.. sorry so long again my humble opinion good luck and i am sure it will work out you are 2 hours away from boston so hopefully they will accomadate good luck and also get some support letters to prove your NEW .. PERSON .. way of life ex: school pto , church, community workers ie: social worker/therapist .. someone who can give you a good character refrence.