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08-26-2006, 06:32 AM
My mom is surrendering to Carswell in a couple of days and I am extremely terrified for her. I found this sight and thought it might actually help me cope, but I seem to be getting more afraid as I read some of the threads. She is assigned to the camp, does that mean this is where she will stay? I miss her so much already. I talk to her everyday, she is my best friend. I am so afraid that she will not be the same person when she comes out. I live in Minnesota, so it is going to be difficult to get down to visit her. But my whole family is going to rotate turns in seeing her. I would like to know if there are do's and dont's we should know about when sending her stuff. She really enjoys doing crossword books. I would like to get her some of these. I would also like to send her some pictures of my 4 month old. She likes to cross-stich and stuff like that, but I need to know if she can have stuff like that. When I send her letters, do these get opened? Do I have to write, "special mail" on it? Is it like what you see in the movies? I am counting the days for her return, but will she be the same person? My son didn't even get the chance to know her yet. Will she be able to call me or my dad and how often can she do this? This is so unfair and I can't believe it is happening to her. Somebody, please help me!

08-26-2006, 09:01 AM
A federal prison camp is NOTHING like you see in the movies. It's kind of like going to summer camp but you can't leave. The worst thing in my opinion is the noise and the second worst thing is the food.

Your mom is going to be fine. She is perfectly safe in a camp. Most don't even have a fence, just a yellow line you cannot cross.

She will probably be much better when she gets out, not worse. All the stress leading up to this and fear of the unknown takes it's toll.

She is allowed 300 minutes per month of telephone time to call people on her approved phone list.

Yes, all mail is opened to inspect for contraband.

You can send her soft-cover books and magazines but any craft supplies will have to be purchased in the commissary.

And yes, you can send her photos, but they cannot be polaroids.

Welcome to PTO. we're here for you 24/7

09-05-2006, 05:45 PM
First, as hard as it is dont worry about all things shown in the movies, camp or medical center is better described as a bad boarding school. If she enjoys crafts then she will be able to pass time away better, usually plastic canvas and yarn is available at commissary. You can send pattern books or copies of patterns in for crochet or needlepoint, anything new is appreciated and shared most of the time. I was able to get crossword and find a word books sent to me in Tallahassee, 3 at a time, also paperback books sent in a large envelope. You can send pictures 5 at a time, but no Polaroids, your letters will be opened for a contraband search and maybe scanned but usually they are only read if the prison thinks she might be trying to plan an escape engage in a business or some such thing. Your Mom will do fine with support from you and your family, just love her and let her know she is not forgotten. Keep coming to PTO for any questions or just to get to know people who are in the same place your family is now or has survived this BOP journey and come back stronger and wiser. There are quite a few ladies from PTO there just tell her that she is not alone. Best of luck and will be looking for more post about how you Mom is doing. There