View Full Version : questions about carson city-Level 4

08-22-2006, 07:44 PM
My son's father has just been moved to carson city level 4. I was just wondering if anyone has any information. What kind of programs do they have there for the inmates. Are they locked up a good portion of the day or do they get out? How are the visits. I would like to take my 9 year old son soon but I'm kind of nervous??

08-31-2006, 12:01 PM
We don't have many members with loved ones at Carson City... but like with any other level 4... they do have much less free time than lower levels. You might try getting info about Level 4 facilities as well to get a better idea.

Good luck!


Lions Heart
08-31-2006, 03:28 PM
I know a few people at Carson City but I don't know if they are in Level IV. Yes they do have programs there for the guys to participate in if they want to. They are locked up more than in a level II but they do get time in the yard and if they have call-outs they can stay pretty busy. I don't know how the visits are there for Level IV but I suspect they are pretty general. I'm sure you and your son would be fine. Someone with more specific information will come along and help you out more than I can I'm sure. Take care and Good Luck!

09-01-2006, 03:27 PM
Well my man was at Carson City for a short time but wasnt in a level 4 though but I will tell you this as far as visiting goes it's a nice place with decent things to do and play with for kids in the visiting!
I dont know what they have to offer but I hear that the guards and the people are pretty Nice!


09-11-2006, 06:12 PM
One of the best places I have been for a visit yet in my 18 years of experience. They have quite a bit for the younger kids. Some books for a little older kids and if you do have kids, you are allowed to sit in that play area as apposed to getting a toy and bringing it to where you are sitting. Its really nice. Your son will be fine. They have plenty of vending too!!!