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11-17-2005, 06:20 AM
Michigan has an extensive Self-Help Center ( The site map includes:

Welcome to the Michigan Court Self-Help Center
Getting Legal Help
Finding Legal Information
General Information
Going to Court - Which Court do you Need?
Types of Matters the Courts Handle

General Information
Filing and Other Fees
General Information About Hearings
Serving Court Papers
Collecting Money from a Judgment
Garnishment to Pay for a Judgment - Self Help
Seizing Property to Pay for a Judgment - Self Help
Getting an Adult Criminal Conviction Removed
Getting a JuvenileAdjudication Removed

Types of Matters
Appellate Matters
General Civil Matters
Housing and Real Estate Matters
Land Contract Forfeiture - Self Help
Landlord-Tenant - Self Help
Small Claims Matters
Small Claims - Self Help
Traffic and Non-Traffic Civil Infraction Matters
Felony Matters
Misdemeanor Matters
Miscellaneous Family Matters
Emancipation of a Minor - Self Help
Name Change - Self Help
Registration of Birth
Testing for Infectious Disease
Personal Protection Matters
Personal Protection - Self Help
Domestic Relations Matters
Child and Spouse Support
Child Custody
Family Support
Friend of the Court Office
Making a Complaint
Mediating Domestic Relations Matters
Parenting Time
Adoption Matters
Matters Involving Minors
Conservatorship Matters
Estate and Trust Matters
Guardianship Matters
Mental Commitment and Judicial Admission Matters
Miscellaneous Probate Matters
Protective Orders