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08-01-2003, 08:37 AM
I thought I'd post a few web sites that have been helpful to me in dealing with the DOC.

The DOC website is:

If you are trying to locate an inmate in Louisiana:

Inmate Locator Requests

Inmate locator requests are not available via website. For information regarding offenders please contact:

Office of Adult Services
Phone: 225-342-9711
FAX: 225-342-3349

When you call either have the DOC number, or if you don't have that just give the name and date of birth. You can use this number if you think your loved one has been transferred and you don't know where.

To search for a law, the entire revised statutes are online at:

You can look up a law by number or search text like "good time"

The DOC rules and regulations are also online, this is real handy information that goes into visiting rules, the rules that they have to obey inside prison and the punishments for breaking those rules, disciplinary appeal processess....

Go to that website and go to title 22, corrections.

Well I hope someone my benefit from this, my husband used to bug me to death to go to the library and look up such & such law in a law book, now I just jump online and print in out for him, easy.