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07-28-2003, 02:56 AM
Can someone explain this more to me please? I read it and the link I supplied explains it also. What I get out out of it is that if an inmate has lost earned credits in the past, he/she may be able to get them reinstated. I just want to know if I am getting the hang of reading these laws. And am I understanding them correctely? Especially this one.

This link is where I found the law, scroll down to the bottom of the page almost and you can open it up to read the full subject.

Thanks, Lawana

SB 788 Author: Wilkerson Sponsor: Askins

By Wilkerson. 57 O.S., S. 138. Relates to earned credit in regard to corrections.

04-28-03 G Signed by the Governor (Chap: 146)

Statutory language has been removed requiring that inmates be automatically dropped to Earned Credit Class Level 1 (0 credits per month) when refusing or failing a job, education, or program assignment and when subject to disciplinary action. This bill will allow modification of current policies to treat rule violations in a more fair and equitable manner.

07-28-2003, 05:13 AM
It's early, I've not opened the link, but I've an acquaintance with the theory of restorable and non-restorable 'good time'..

A prison earns good time for whatever earns it in that state.
It may be 5-10 or 30 days in a year (an example)....
If nothing else happens they get it and keep it and their out date comes closer to them because of it.

If that person gets a write up insided the instittuion for any of the big bad major categories of offense inside... their punishment can be proscribed by Offenses/Penalties. Lesser offenses have pentalies usually that restrict their movements above ground... Bed restriction, no phone, no visitis, no canteen, loss of housing.... that sorta thing that is set out for a period of time 30 days of any of those,--for example.
Meatier charges like disruption of insitutional operations, failure to abide, fighting, theft, nonviolent demonstrations-- will have penalties that will give you a bit of time to spend below ground (in SEG..). 15 days or more..which may or may not be followed by more of those inconveniences to being above ground when you get out..

The biggest baddest charge categories have penalties that encompass putting you below ground for great lengths of time and also can involve 'loss of ____days of restorable good time.". They'll take the ____days off your records, hand you a card showing that your out date is backwhere it was before you got the good time. It will stay that way until and unless you get out of seg and stay ticket free for 6 months to a year. This is to be an incentive to turn yourself around. If you do, you apply for the good time to be restored and it will be.

The non-restorable good time is the same process with the exception that it is never coming back your way. It's reserved for folks who have institutional violence or have gone after staff, or have gone for the fence.

Those folks will do lotsa seg time, and if they get above ground and manage to go ticket free, they'll not see the _____ days (previously earned and lost) restored... The ticket free life they now lead will be earning new good time at whatever rate that prison gives it.

I have seen people lose 180 days of good time non-storable. That was (where I was) the equivalent of 3 years earned good time).
More often it was the restorable good time.. 15-60 days... and that was great incentive to clean up your act.

07-28-2003, 07:40 PM
Thanks, so I am learning how to read the laws. Thanks for answering.
I found a page for the laws that were pass by the House, and some not effected til Nov. The one I asked about Im not too sure.
It always seem that when I am just about to log off pc, I find the interesting stuff, and the issues I want to learn about.
I may be looking into Family Law classes in the very near future. Or something in that area. I have a certificate I recieved in California from a 2-year community college. That was in '94 when I finished and barely applied for the Certificate in 2000. I need to brush up on my spelling and grammer. Ive worked the last 4 years in a factory, then get fired cause I tried to get the supervisor to abide by the rules and policies.
"At Will State" blah, blah blah. I wont vent more. But hey, thanks really for the help.

08-02-2003, 03:08 PM
I was an inmate in the Oklahoma Dpeartment of Corrections.
It has been three years since I have been in. My understanding at that time was that you can lose earned credits for refusing to cooperate with the department. I mean why should they give you earned credits if you aren't going to do your part right. However, I looked through the current ops and they say that a warden can reinstate the earned credits. Also, Just FYI O.S. 57-138 talks about 100 credtis that can not be taken away. After I got out they changed the way credits were administered. However, I admit that I did not look at your link above.

08-02-2003, 03:15 PM
OKay I looked at it and this is the latest in the earned credits changes. These took place in 2001. They actually upped the number of credits for non-violent offenders allowing them to vacate the prison system faster. But yes, I didn't find it but the warden is allowed to authorize the reinsttement of earned credits.

08-02-2003, 03:19 PM
I read in subsection C of this that "Earned credits removed for misconduct, nonperformance or disciplinary action may be restored as provided by Department policy, if any." This means that they can be restored if the deparmtnet makes a policy that overides the reason they were taken. It also says at the botom that achievement credits are subject to the same rules as earned credits.