View Full Version : Suit: Jail sold inmates pirated music

07-24-2003, 05:54 PM
Suit: Jail sold inmates pirated music

The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS -- A Louisiana jail illegally downloaded and sold its inmates copies of recordings by hundreds of artists, including the Rolling Stones, Eminem and Garth Brooks, according to a record company's lawsuit.

The suit alleges that the Claiborne Parish prison gave incoming inmates a list of 330 rock, rap, country and R&B recordings available through the commissary for $3 per compact disc.

An inmate copied the ones requested by prisoners or visitors, said Roy Maughan Jr., the lawyer who filed the suit for Baton Rouge-based Utopia Entertainment.

The defendants are Claiborne Parish Sheriff Kenneth Volentine; LaSalle Management, the private company that manages the men's section of the northern Louisiana jail; and an inmate who allegedly copied the CDs on a computer in a prison office.

Utopia, which produced three recordings on the prison's CD list, is seeking $150,000 in damages for itself and other parties whose copyrights were allegedly violated.