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Texas On-line
State of Texas Web Site

Living in Texas. The Texas state web site provides you with information about:
Business and Consumer Services (agriculture, area chamber and BBB, car buying/home buying issues, consumer protection, general information, license and permits, small business, starting a business, state and local bid opportunities, taxes, technology, Women and Minority Owned Businesses)
Education and Training (apply to a college, colleges and universities, community and junior colleges, financial assistance, general information, K-12, libraries, military, technical and trade schools)
Employment and Labor (general information, job opportunities, job training, labor laws, retirement benefits, unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation)
Environment and Natural Resources (agriculture; conservation; general information; hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities; licenses and permits; natural disasters; oil and gas; pollution; state and national parks in Texas; water resources and wildlife)
Government (cities; counties; courts and judiciary system; federal; general information; governor and executive branch; laws, codes and statutes; registration, voting and elections; state agencies; state officials; taxes and taxing authorities and Texas legislature)
Health and Family Services (birth, death and marriage certificates; children and families [adoption, child abuse, child care, child support, disabilities and special needs, medical care and health insurance, missing persons and required child shots]; Disability Services; Elder Services ; Emergency Services; Financial Assistance; Food and Nutrition Assistance; General Information; Housing Assistance [Colonias]; Mental Health and Mental Retardation; Public Health; Safety and Substance Abuse)
Laws and Criminal Justice (children and families [abuse reporting, child abuse, family violence]; court systems; enforcement; general information; handguns; laws, codes and statutes; offender information; prisons, probation and parole; vehicles [cars and drivers, driver’s education, license and registration]; victim resources)
Licenses, Permits and Registrations (A-Z; agriculture and animals; beauty and fitness; business industry; construction and housing; driving and vehicles; education and assistive services; environment and natural resources; finance and insurance; health care [counseling and mental health; medical – facilities; medical – primary care; medical – specialty; medical – technical]; individual and personal; law enforcement and legal; other licenses]; professional profiles [licensee profile management; public search]; sporting and racing).
Online Services (address changes; driver and vehicle licenses and records; educational; industry and building permits; information and subscriptions; maps; occupational and professional licenses; concealed handgun licensing; parking and traffic tickets; payments; professional profiles [licensee profile management; public search]; submissions; taxes; utility bills.)
Regional and Community Resources (best practices in e-government; cities; councils of government; counties; economic improvement and development; election results; hospitals; maps; national next of kin registry; TexasOnline Partners)
Travel and Recreation (arts and culture; fairs, festivals, and special events; general information; guides and freebies; historical sites; hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities; maps; road reports; state and national parks in Texas; Texas sports [high school and college])
Public Records (birth, death, and marriage certificates; property and land records; open records; driver and vehicle licenses and records; offender information and genealogy)
Online Services (driver license and ID card online services; driver record requests; vehicle registration renewal and address change; pay taxes; occupational and professional licenses; eFiling for courts; birth, death, marriage and divorce records)
Featured Sites (Texas Business Portal; environmental and natural resources portal; Texas Veterans Portal; Voter Registration Address Change;; state and local bid opportunities; Texas legislature online; National Next of Kin Registry (NOKR) International Emergency Contact System)

Texas Health & Human Services Commission

[I]Texas is creating a new system for health and human services in Texas by merging 12 agencies into four new departments under the oversight of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. This new system will make it easier for Texans to find assistance and will help the state lower administrative costs and direct more funding into services. Visit our new Internet sites:

Texas Health and Human Services (
Department of Aging and Disability Services (
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (
Department of Family and Protective Services (
Department of State Health Services ( ~~

Children with Disabilities

A Guide to Resources on Deafblindness for Family Community Members and Professionals in Texas
Looking for information to assist you with a your deafblind child or perhaps looking for ways to help those who are deafblind? Here is the web site for you! You will find various links here to information relating to national resources on deafblindness, interesting websites and listservs, Texas Deafblind Resources. If the answers you seek are not here, feel free to use some of the contact links. I’m sure these people would be more than happy to help you find the information you need. Good luck!

Texas Connect
University of Texas at Dallas – Callier Center

Educational materials for families of infants and young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Information at this site is offered in English and Spanish.

FAQs on the web site include, but are not limited to, the following:

How do I communicate with my child and how will my child communicate?
How do I get my child’s attention?
What communication options exist for my child?
What does my child’s hearing loss mean?
Will my child’s hearing get better?
How do I check my child’s hearing aids to be sure they are working?
What is Early Childhood Intervention and do I have to pay for it?
After Early Childhood Intervention, then what?
Where will my child attend school?
Will my child have friends?
What legal rights does my child have and what are my rights as a parent of a child with a disability?Plus information about the Dallas Cochlear Implant Program!

Early Childhood Development (ECI)

ECI One Step at a Time will educate, empower, and encourage families to be advocates for their children. We will provide families with the skills needed to help their children with special needs and/or delays. We will nurture and support children to achieve their full potential at the vital age of birth to three. We will inform our communities about the significance of our program. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our children.

For Texas family resources visit us at:

Siblings of those affected by Down Syndrome
Ever feel this way?

Guilt about not having a disability while your brother or sister does have one
Embarrassment of sibling’s behavior or appearance
Fear that you may develop the disability
Anger or jealousy over the amount of attention your sibling with the disability receivesIf you answer yes to any of these questions you could find some support here.

Madore Family's Autism Resource Site

Most of the information found here is specific for San Antonio, Texas, but you should be able to find similar places in your area.

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Child Care Programs

Heart House
Heart House is a free after school program dedicated to providing a safe haven and academic support to low-income children and encouraging them to become good citizens. Heart House has two locations open in Dallas, Texas, and one location in Austin, Texas.

To grow up to be healthy and productive citizens, children need critical resources now to build a better future, including:

Ongoing relationships with caring adults;
Safe places with structured activities during non-school hours;
Health and mental health;
Marketable skills/competencies acquired through education and youth development; and
Opportunities to give back through community service and civic participation.At Heart House, our young citizens get all of these resources, and more!

Child Care in Texas
Texas Work & Family Clearinghouse Resources
Herein lies a wealth of information reaching out to those in need of child care. Information includes things such as:

Advice for parents about certain medical conditions;
information for expectant and new parents;
private, licensed child care and education community;
community information and referral centers agencies which help consumers locate social service resources;
resources for fathers which promote the involvement of fathers in children’s lives;
child safety/latch key children resources
and more!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Work Resources and Ideas

Flextime/Flexible Work Schedules
Texas Work & Family Clearinghouse Resources
Need a flexible work schedule? This web site may be helpful! Information includes things such as alternative work arrangements for women such as job share, flex time, telecommuting and part-time work. It also lists a number of businesses that provide flextime/flexible work schedules. Here are just a few of the companies listed:

DuPont U.S.
Prudential Financial
Hewlett-Packard; and
Johnson & Johnson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Abuse Prevention & Help

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault – Help is available
Sequin Violence Shelter
You are not alone! There is help available for you and/or your children if you are a victim of domestic violence or if you have been sexually assaulted. Find answers to some of your questions here about teen dating and violence, sexual assault survival guide, safety plan for victims, places to go for clothing assistance, a list of Texas shelters and even opportunities for volunteers. Your safety and well-being, as well as that of your children, is of the utmost importance.

Resources for the Elderly

Dallas County Resources for the Elderly (
Information is provided in English and Spanish regarding:

services to the elderly
delivered meals
medical equipment loans for senior adults
nursing therapy
home health aide; and
personal care servicesTarrant County Family Care Givers (
Information in both English and Spanish answering questions for family members caring for older adults such as:

home modifications,
caregiver stress
geriatric case managers
adult day care
skilled nursing
advance directives (DNR, Living Will, Power of Attorney, etc.)
how to pay for care
assisted living
home equity
home health
Resources for Fathers/Men

Father's/Men's Rights (
A vast amount of contact information to assist fathers/men in obtaining a divorce, parental rights and assistance with raising their children.

Prison Based Programs for Fathers - a Review of the Field

Substance Abuse Help

El Paso Police Department ~ HelpLine Directory (

Here is a list of just a few of the agencies listed on this 41 page pdf document:


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Starting a Business in Texas

Four steps to starting a business in Texas. Check out this link to learn more.

Small Business Association (SBA) in Texas

Texas at Your Fingertips - small business assistance (

Small Business Development Center

At the SBDC Network, we help business sowners and managers access the training, tools and resources needed to succeed. Serving 32 counties in Southeast Texas, our 14 consulting and training centers can help meet your business needs whether you’re just starting out, experiencing your first growing pains, or wanting to take your business to the next level. Access vital business information, education and assistance at the SBDC center nearest you.

The North Texas Small Business Development Center

The NTSBDC promotes small business success by providing management education. We assist small businesses in creating jobs and economic growth by utilizing the elements of quality counseling and training, community involvement and the leveraging of resources.

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While Incarcerated/Families of Incarcerated

Texas Inmate Families Association (TIFA)
3710 Cedar Street, Box 24 (Suite 213)
Austin, Texas78705
Contact: Joan Gibson Burnham, Ph.D., Executive Director
Area Served: Texas

Provides support, education, and advocacy for families of incarcerated persons in Texas. Works to connect children with their incarcerated parents and provides summer camping for these children and youth. Advocates criminal justice reform efforts, and improved conditions for those behind the walls.

(903) 683-8283
Route 5, Box 49594
Rusk, TX75785
Contact: Kay Martin, Director
Area Served: East Texas
Parent Organization: Cherokee Southern Baptist Association
Established: 2000

Provides hospitality center and religious ministry

Shepherds Inn
(409) 898-8797 ext. 21
2750 I-10 East
Beaumont, TX 77703 (, (
Contact: Dion Ainsworth, Director
Agency Head: Dion Ainsworth, Director
Area Served: Southeast Texas
Parent Organization: Golden Triangle Baptist Association
Established: 1995

Provides transportation and overnight lodging.

Regional Family Resource Center
(940) 567-3894
527 West Belknap
Jacksboro, TX 76458
Contact: Larry Shields, Board President
Agency Head: Raymond Franklin, Director
Area Served: Jacksboro and surrounding counties
Established: 1997

Provides overnight lodging, hospitality center, self-help support group, information, referrals, gifts for children, religious ministry, and family reunification support.

Regional Criminal Justice Ministry Center of South Texas
(361) 358-9699
P.O. Box 4056
Beeville, TX 78104
Contact: Gene Woodard, President
Area Served: Beeville
Established: 1996

Provides hospitality center and religious ministry.

Parents and Children Together, Inc.
(817) 524-7776
2836 Hemphill Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110 (
Contact: Donna Bailey, Executive Director
Agency Head: Donna Bailey, Executive Director
Area Served: Texas, South Carolina, Georgia
Established: 1984

Provides transportation, overnight lodging, hospitality center, children's center in visiting area, parent education, self-help support group, information and referrals, case management, religious ministry, and family reunification support.

OPEN, Inc. - Offender Preparation and Education Network, Inc.
(972) 271-1971
P.O. Box 472223
Garland, TX 75047-2223 (, (
Contact: Katherine Greene, Assistant Director
Agency Head: Ned Rollo, Executive Director
Area Served: USA
Established: 1979

Provides educational materials and programs for use by offenders and families to survive incarceration and make a successful transition back to the community, and for use by correctional agencies to prepare offenders for re-entry.
Publications: Life without a Crutch, $5.95; A Map Through the Maze, $8.95; 99 Days & A Get Up, $3.95; Man, I Need a Job!, $5.95; Necesito Empleo!, $5.95; contact OPEN, Inc. for complete listing.

National Incarcerated Muslim Network (NIMN)
59 Darrington Road
Rosharon, TX77583
Contact: Maurice Taylor 476837, Director
Agency Head: Maurice Taylor 476837, Director
Area Served: USA
Established: 1991

Provides information, referrals, religious ministry, and legal services and information.

LOOPS, Inc. (Loved Ones of Prisoners)
(915) 580-5667
P.O. Box 14953
Odessa, TX 79768 (
Contact: Leland Maples, Executive Director
Agency Head: Charley Jones, President
Area Served: West Texas
Established: 1992

Provides information and referrals, mentoring, gifts for children, and religious ministry

Hospitality House
(936) 291-6196
912 10th Street
Huntsville, TX77320, (
Contact: Bob Norris, Chaplain-Director
Agency Head: Bob Norris, Chaplain-Director
Area Served: Huntsville
Parent Organization: Texas Baptist Prisoner Family Ministry Foundation

Provides overnight lodging, information and referrals, gifts for children, religious ministry, technical assistance, and family reunification support.

Hospitality House
(915) 263-5752
1202 West 4th Street
Big Spring, TX79720
Contact: Joe or Wanda Bernier, Directors
Agency Head: David Kimberly
Area Served: Big Spring
Parent Organization: Big Spring Baptist Association
Established: 1994

Provides overnight lodging, gifts for children at Christmas, and religious ministry.

Eunice Chambless Hospitality House
(915) 548-2180
13378 F. M. 3522
Abilene, TX79601
Contact: Billy and Barbara Wilson, Director
Agency Head: Truman Turk, Director of Missions
Area Served: Abilene
Parent Organization: Abilene Baptist Association
Established: 1998

Provides overnight lodging, hospitality center, children's center in visiting area, self-help support group, and religious ministry.

After Incarceration/Ex-Offenders & Families

Association of X-Offenders (TAX)
(979) 775-9200
219 East Wm. Joel
Bryan, TX77803, (
Contact: Dub Pearson, Executive Director
Agency Head: Ron Ailor, Chairman of the Board
Area Served: USA
Established: 1995

Provides self-help support group, information, referrals, mentoring, and religious ministry.

Bexar County Detentions Ministries
(210) 271-3927
1018 East Grayson Street
San Antonio, TX78242
Contact: Margaret Contreras, Outreach Coordinator
Agency Head: Shirley Daniels, Outreach Director
Area Served: Bexar County
Established: 1995

Provides parent education, information and referrals, case management, gifts for children, crisis intervention, support groups, employment assistance and religious ministry.

Crime Prevention Institute – Targeted Project Re-Enterprise
8401 Shaol Creek Blvd.
PO Box 50541
Austin, TX 78763-0541
Post-Release services include supportive resources, job placement services, employment monitoring & incentives, follow up and information & referral services.

E.Q.U.I.P. Parent Education Program
(254) 865-8901 ext. 362
1500 State School Road
Gatesville, TX 76598-2996
Contact: Anne Mooney, Program Director
Agency Head: Mike Whitecotton, Administrator
Area Served: Gatesville
Parent Organization: Buckner Children and Family Services
Established: 1996

Provides children's center in visiting area, parent education, self-help support group, information and referrals, family reunification support, family therapy, and public education and advocacy.

(210) 270-6330
200 North Comal
San Antonio, TX 78207
Contact: Aida Camero, Program Coordinator
Agency Head: Rick Walsh, Human Services Supervisor
Area Served: Bexar County
Parent Organization: Bexar County Adult Detention Center
Established: 1984

Provides parent education, support groups, information, referrals, enhanced visiting, parent education, reunification support, and gifts for children.

Out, But Not Free, Inc.
(214) 381-0099
P.O. Box 671181
Dallas, TX 75367
Contact: Roger L. Woods, Director
Agency Head: Roger L. Woods, Director
Area Served: Dallas
Established: 1994

Provides parent education, self-help support group, information, referrals, case management, mentoring, gifts for children, religious ministry, marriage preparation and support, and family reunification support.

Restorative Justice Ministry Network of North America
(936) 291-2156
1232 Avenue J
Huntsville, TX77340, (
Contact/Agency Head: Emmet Solomon, Executive Director
Area Served: USA
Established: 1993

Provides information and referrals to a national network of churches and organizations.

San Antonio Fighting Back of United Way
(210) 271-7232
2803 East Commerce
San Antonio, TX 78203
Contact/Agency Head: Beverly Watts Davis, Executive Director
Area Served: San Antonio

Provides parent education, self-help support group, information, referrals, case management, childcare, mentoring, group activities such as scouting or camping, gifts for children, marriage preparation and support, family reunification support, and public education and advocacy.

Volunteers of America of Texas
(817) 649-7491
P.O. Box 200276
Arlington, TX 76006, (
Contact: Shirley Mikus, Director SAC
Agency Head: Dave North, President/CEO
Area Served: Texas
Parent Organization: Volunteers of America

Provides parent education, self-help support group, family reunification support, public education, and advocacy.

Welcome House, Inc.
921 N. Peak St.
Dallas, TX 75204

This organization offers a recovery program for parolees that include a structured drug free environment.

Woman At The Well House Ministries, Inc.
(210) 472-2787
221 Post Avenue
San Antonio, TX78215
Contact: Priscilla Murguia, Executive Director
Agency Head: Priscilla Murguia, Executive Director
Area Served: Texas
Established: 1996

Provides self-help support group, information, referrals, case management, religious ministry, and community residential program for women returning from incarceration.

Worldwide Voice in the Wilderness
(972) 234-6009
1221 Abrams Road, Suite 250
Richardson, TX75081
Contact: Johnny Moffitt, President/Director
Agency Head: Johnny Moffitt, President/Director
Area Served: Dallas
Established: 1978

Provides self-help support group, marriage seminar, information, referrals, mentoring, religious ministry, and family counseling.

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Hispanic Connect (

Here is a wealth of information for the Hispanic community. Some information found on this site is:
Adult Learning Center/Huston-Tillotson College
AISD Community Education
Almeda House/Vocational Support Services
American Youth Works
Americorps* Vista
Capital Area Job Club
Capital of Texas Workforce Center
Career Resource Center
CEACO Success for Kids
Goodwill Temporary Services, Inc
Project Rio
Crime Prevention Institute