View Full Version : Probation for Arizona Sex Offenders

05-28-2006, 01:46 AM
I cannot find any resources regarding probation rules for sex offenders in Arizona. I would like to know about the counseling they need to have, polygraph tests, where they can live, if they can go to college, if they can have a computer, what kind of chaperone around children do they need... stuff like that.

Does anybody know these things or a way i can find these answers?

Google is not providing me with any useful links.

My baby brother is coming home in a year and is really fretting over all of these things.

I checked the sex offender forums and there is nothing specific to Arizona there.

06-13-2006, 10:54 PM
My fiance was on probation as an SO. AZ has some of the most strict rules for SO's I've seen. He had to take a 2 year long counseling class that he went to once every week. He was allowed to have a computer only because his crime didn't have anything to do with the computer. Finding a place to live can be tough depending on the probation officer. Chaperone classes take about 2 years to complete as well. After so many classes and permission from the counselors and probation officer he can have supervised contact with minors. He had to take the polygraphs and they had to be taken more often if he didn't pass them. I don't know about college. I agree with some of the rules they have, but for the most part they are very strict regardless of his offense. They treat a man that rapes a woman of legal age the same as a child molester (not being able to change his own child's diaper, etc.). Whatever he does when he gets out, make sure he follows the rules. My fiance is back in jail for violating his probation because of having a relationship with me and being around my kids without permission. I started the chaperone classes, but you still have to have permission EVERY time there is to be contact. He wasn't even allowed to go to Circle K without a chaperone. Anyway, if you have anymore questions I would be happy to answer them. Your brother has a long road ahead of him and so does any family or friends that choose to be a part of his life. It is easier in the long run if he follows whatever rules they give him.