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07-16-2003, 11:43 AM
Hi all I'm new to this forum and wish to pose a question to some of the ex inmates or anyone who might have some insight on the subject.

My cousin recently went to DOC 2 months ago here in Delaware. He's a first time offender and got 3 years. I've heard some really bad storys about prison rape on the internet and would like to really know if they are true or just made up.

My question being a young white male going to prison for the first time does make him a likely target. How can he protect himself without going into PC? He really has no friends there just aquintences.

If anyone could help I would sure appreciate your time.


07-16-2003, 01:17 PM
My guy is also just a little white boy, and he made it threw 8 months in a med-max without any problems. I would say tell him just not to piss anyone off and to make some friends fast. As long as he isn't going in for anything sick, like child molestation or something like rape he should be ok. My guy told me the people they rape in their are mostly child molestors and rapists.

07-16-2003, 02:03 PM
Better to have him keep his head up and to not try to make "friends", for in prison there are very few of them.

I am not saying piss people off, be uppity or anything like that, just do his own time, go about his business, and things should be ok.

What I have noticed in the system in last 30 yrs, yes, all my life I've been into the prison culture, the whole rape thing has calmed down quite a bit. They don't treat the molesters and rapists like they used to, back in the 70's & 80's a child molester was almost certain to get raped, now days, it just isn't so. Too bad to, because children are our future and everytime one is abused or molested, that child is no longer able to be a child.

Also, statistics show that more rape happens in jails than in prisons.

07-16-2003, 02:28 PM
UM....First off.... Tradewiz... HI and Welcome to PTO. :wave:

Second, in answer to your question, Prison rape is on the downturn. My best advice is to tell your loved one to stay low, watch his back and keep his business to himself. He shouldn't come off macho....but he should never show weakness either. Although rape does happen, it isn't as often as the media would like us to think it is.

mrs. d

07-16-2003, 03:11 PM
To everyone:

I may have given the wrong impression in my response above and if I have offended anyone, I sincerely apologize.

I did not mean that I am in favor of those things happening, it was more a statement on how prison has changed over the years.

Used to be a lot more convicts in prison, now there are just mostly inmates. I guess that maybe there is no good way for me to explain what I mean, and so I had better just shut up and hope that if I did offend anyone that my apoligy is accecpted.

07-16-2003, 07:39 PM
By the way the thing about raping rapists and child molestors will probably subside more since the popullation of So's is only growing and growing! I didn't see any news or evidence that says that it was declining! My best bet to stopping this is to make them go into more and more treatment! If people wouldn't be so against these guys! Maybe there would be way without charging anybody to admit them to psychiatry help befor they harm any children! Don't you think? It does sound like a good idea! But knowing people these days! I don't think it'd work! Anyways, enough about that! If people read the surviving in prison links! I don't suggest you do like that guy told you and kill the guy! Cause it might get you in for the rest of your life or almost anyways! I don't think killing in prison or killing outside should be any different! In canada, prisons are suppose to have the same kind of laws with also rules of conduct! That if any prisoners or staff or warden breaks laws! Then they would be suppose to stand trial and face justice! The most problems I think with prisons is that people inside think they can do whatever they want and get away with it! Most of the time it's like that! But I thnik some changes are or will be made in the future! But for now it's just declining like you said by little baby stepies! But anyways, I know people hate rapists and child molestors! But more torcher is not the way to deal with people that are sick and mentaly illed! Anyways, just my views!


07-16-2003, 08:16 PM
See KConnor's series on California prisons.

I don't know what # it was there are 8 I think. He gives a candid account of it, without the made for tv misery promotion.

Read it, absorb it,. learn from it and apply it as necessary to gauge the world inside that you are working with on the other coast.

PS> 3 years is a tiny sentence comparitively. If that's not a day for day deal--if he's got any goodtime or parole or breaks coming his way... he'll be in an ever lowering custody facility... People..'Short timers' have much more to lose, and better things to worry about and look forward aren't quite as angry or whatever it takes to be a prison rapist.

See the KConnor series...try 'search' kconnor as author and series as the keyword.

07-16-2003, 09:21 PM
My husband has been at the same unit for over 16 years and he tells me that he has only heard of 4 rapes. The unit he is at is suppose to be one of the worst in Texas. I believe that the others have given you some good advice for your cousin. Also, I have known my husband 6 years and during this time we have known of no rapes at the unit he is in. God Bless,

07-17-2003, 04:14 PM
tradewiz, my fiancee was subject to an attempted rape by another inmate months ago. This person is in prison for a burglary charge with a deadly weapon. Anyway, this person is a known homosexual among the other inmates. James is not prejudice about somebody's sexual preferences but he is not homosexual in anyway. This guy harrassed James in a way by continueously telling him that a man would make him feel much better and that I will in time leave his side. This guy eventually cornered James and tried to force him to give him "head". James broke free of this guy and stayed clear of this guy at all times. Eventually, this guy got moved to another dorm and later James found out this guy is in the "hole/box" for trying to force another inmate. You just tell your cousin not to show any kind of weakness and if he is in a predictament such as getting raped he needs to fight back with everything he's got. If that means he has to go to the "hole/box" for fighting back then so be it. Also, James does not reveal why he is in prison although he was wrongly convicted. Yvonne

07-17-2003, 10:31 PM
I don't get it though! if someone wants to harm you! And you fight back! You get punished?! If they don't want fights, then why do they not stop murders and rapes? But I guess fights are lots worst then rapes and murders, huh! Sigh! It's pretty stupid! It's kind of like high school you know! If you fight someone cause of self defence! You'll both get in trouble no matter what it was! Kind of unjust and stupid I'd say! And also if a man had no choice or had to fight back even tougher and the guy would get killed or ended up dead! They should investigate to see if it was self defence or not! Self defence shouldn't be any crime! It's a survival thing! For people that only wants to kill you over and over no matter how many times you fight! Then isn't it your right to end the life of one who wish to kill you?! It's the law of the jungle! BUT, as kung fu teachs me! Killing should only be as a last resort only! And only used if you really know there is no other way of survival and that the other guy will kill you for sure if you don't do anything fast! I think there's a difference betweine murder and self defence! But maybe it's just the hong kong way of doing things? And also, if you read posts about homosexuals that gets raped! You'd see that most of them don't enjoy that or don't want to get raped at all! So saying that homosexuals are the ones that are for rape and all that is not the way! Usualy any smart enough homosexual would like rather consented sex and also with protection as well for not going around with deseases and all! Same goes with bi's! Nobody, including gays, lesbians and bi's wants rape I bet! Or even enjoys it! And seeing what I have read too! Some people enjoy it! But it doesn't mean it's not wrong and it's not rape! It's a normal human trade we have that we can't really control! So saying that someone that enjoyed the process was consentive is plain rediculist! If someone would rape one of you and he or she would push all the right buttons! Would it make it less of rape? Even though he or she didn't ask permission and had your consent! I don't think so! So just to let you know of course :) If a person wants to rape you or is trying to rape you and you don't know really how to defend yourself! Kick him really really hard where it hurts! I don't think he'd be raping for a long time ^_^ now don't do this to people you'd think would rape you! It'd have to show lots more evidence then that! That is for the guys mostly! Even guys can do that! Not just women's! And for the women's well! Usualy the rapes of women wouldn't be like the guys at all! They do happen too you know! Well, I'd say a weak spot for women would be! I guess just hit them really hard in the stomac and run! Since women usualy have a lesser harder stomac of muscles then guys do! I ain't trying to be sexist but it does look like it! I don't know any other weak spots! Well, I guess just fight back and struggle! Women can be rape but I don't see how they could spread aids! It's not like men! STD is usualy one of the biggest issues why most people don't want to get raped in prison! Cause when you get aids, it's like having a death sentence! You'll die some day! And your time is limited! And you'll probably suffer alot befor your last final hours! So that's why rape is just as bad as murder and should be treated like murder! Since it's like murder with a timer! Other STD's could be involved as well! That's why rape should be stopped completely inside prisons! But until goverments start caring a bit more! We won't see this happening for a while! But really the thing that can stop the goverment from allowing rape is aids! And since prisonners will be released in the community! It'd be best to prevent it from spreading inside so it doesn't effect the outside too! So even though they don't care at all for the prisoners! The reason they care for citizens might help them stop rape! So it would be good for both sides! Even though they are only aiming for one! I think I heard this from canada's plan on stopping aids! Which is good :) Cause that's the worst part in rape you know!


PS: Hang in there and maybe some day the goverment will wake up and see that prisonners are humans too! And that no life is worth dying for laws!

07-18-2003, 12:09 AM
The least of his worries is rape . Make sure he has money on his books at all times . Send lots of mail, Tell freinds to send mail , visit often , bring food magazines books .........he will get in a couple of fights. But that normal . Tell him dont gamble, Stay away from drugs. He should be fine..Owing people money can cause a rape on a young white male.

07-18-2003, 01:12 AM
The best way to avoid prison rape is not to go to jail. The second best way to avoid prison rape is to go to jail in CT.

07-18-2003, 02:22 PM
Infomus, I hope when I wrote that it was a homosexual that tried to force James that you got the idea that I was pointing at all homosexuals being bad. I was truly not doing so. This particular inmate is known for his homosexuality as he has annouced his sexual preference. Unfortunately, he has at times forced other male inmates against their will, homosexuals and hetrosexuals alike. I guess he could classify him as the "bully" of the playground so to speak. Yvonne

07-19-2003, 04:11 AM
They teach kids on how to stand up and fight against bully's in school, but why won't they teach kids in prison to fight bully's in prisons! :(( It's just not fair! Anyways, Yvonne, I pretty much had an idea that you weren't probably directed too much on homosexuality! But just to sure I had to make a point for other's as well that might not understand this! There are some homosexuals like that inmate that searchs like a predetor more in sexual pleasures then love! But most real homosexuals on this earth is more for love then just sex! So any kind of rape wouldn't be love! Also there is things to worry about like aids! And I think most men from different sexual pretexts understands this or should understand this! Last I read, aids in prison is like 12 times more probable of spreading then in society itself! That is in comparison with society's spread rate! So it's society's aids spread rae multiplied by 12! So that's alot too! And also if really someone would really love another inmate! He'd use protection at least! Those who doesn't, clearly is just sexual and only want to cause more harm then good! But I ain't talking about rape here! Condom or no condom! Rape is evil and bad and shouldn't be allowed at all in prison! Also, teikyo30, it's easy for someone to say that! But people can go to jail for anything, even without any crime being commited! remember, the goverment has a right to lock you up without even any charges on you! They are really powerful you know! So anyways, I know rape can be mostly avoided by not going to jail! But really it's not very true! Rape can acure even outside prison! As people might know it's pretty common thing! Last time I heard about american statistics were! About 2 million women would be rape violently each year! That's alot, cause it adds up you know! But guys can just as well be raped then women! But it's probably less likely! Prison is like this ok? It just increases your chances of getting, killed, raped or mugged or get you in fights and all that! Cause it's like many people all crowded into one! The whole world is like a big prison you know! It's just more bigger, so you have a bigger chance of survival then inside a prison! Although prison has high security! Since it should be even alot less cause of the security and all in it! It's lots more cause the goverment usualy don't care much about "SCUM" as people might say! So even though the goverment is corrupted themselves! They don't really look in the mirror to often! But says ALL LAW BREAKERS ARE SCUM! Even stealing a peice of bread to feed your starving family! The FBI would be on your ass and you'd go to jail for life with all these other charges and all! They don't give a shit or have any hearts! Most of the time! They only see people that break laws as scum and nothing but scum! I think they should buy more mirrors around the world to give one each to all politicians and big CEO's and Chairmen! It'd be good for them! Just my point of view! Not to offend anybody! But PLEASE! Judgment isn't for human beings! Even though we give ourselves that RIGHT!