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04-08-2006, 04:50 PM
380 Coffee Tree Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Warden: Cookie Crews
Secretary: Joy Moll

Phone: (502) 564-2120
Fax: (502) 564-4968

About FCDC
The Frankfort Career Development Center serves as a Department of Corrections Governmental Services institution providing care, housing, custody, control and governmental services jobs to inmates.

Besides the primary emphasis on security and control, the main program focus shall be to assist inmates in progressing to a Community Service Center and to the community as responsible citizens after positive behavior, program participation, and work performance have been demonstrated. Accountability for voluntary program opportunities include: academic school, substance abuse, recreational activities, club activities, religious programs and counseling programs.

Each inmate at Frankfort Career Development Center shall be afforded the opportunity to utilize the system of incentives and penalties.

Each inmate shall be evaluated by the staff periodically. The reclassification document shall be adjusted according to the inmate's behavior, program needs, participation and work performance.


To efficiently operate the Frankfort Career Development Center in accordance with Kentucky Revised Statutes, Corrections and institutional policy and procedures.

To provide the opportunities for convicted male felons to participate in meaningful work as well as recreational and institutional programs to better enable them to successfully return to society as productive citizens.

To provide inmates with a complete health maintenance program through the utilization of licensed medical practitioners.

To ensure all staff are properly trained to provide services in their area of responsibility.

To ensure the Frankfort Career Development Center maintains the standards of quality required by the operational procedures set forth by the American Corrections Association(ACA).

Institutional Information

The Frankfort Career Development Center is a 205-capacity minimum-security facility located in Frankfort. The majority of inmates are assigned to the Governmental Services Program Work Detail to provide a supplemental labor force for governmental agencies in the state capitol.

Security Status Minimum
Date Opened 1976
Population 205
Total Acreage 80
Total Staff 42
Black Inmates 50%
White Inmates 49%
Annual Cost Per Inmate $15,025.80
Daily Cost Per Inmate $41.05
Annual Operating Budget $2.8 million

Accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA)

Inmate Programs
Governmental Services Program

It shall be the policy of the Frankfort Career Development Center (FCDC) to provide an on the job training program in Governmental Services for Inmates; to provide a supplemental inmate work force in state government where state jobs may either be non-existent or may be inadequate to discharge the required work, and to establish operational and security procedures for the Governmental Services Program Detail.

Governmental Services Program Work Assignments

The institution shall provide a variety of work assignments that afford each inmate an opportunity to learn job skills and develop good work habits and attitudes that he may apply to a job after release.

The inmate workday shall approximate the workday in the community.

The institution shall provide opportunities for inmate employment in facility maintenance, operations and, to the extent possible, public works and community projects.

All eligible inmates shall be employed full time in either a detail or institutional assignment. In addition, an inmate may be assigned a part time institutional job.

An inmate assigned to work on the Program Detail shall normally work that job for at least ninety (90) days.

Detail job assignments shall provide "real work" opportunities for each inmate on a variety of job areas including food service, maintenance, mechanical, janitorial, landscaping, and general labor.

A detail assignment shall usually entail approximately seven (7) hours of work each day, to include transportation and lunch break.

An inmate shall occasionally have the opportunity to sign up for either unpaid voluntary or paid special work details that operate at night or on weekends. An inmate with seniority, or who possesses skills and experience for the particular job, and who has not been assigned or recommended for a program shall be eligible for these work details. Many of the details provide opportunities to work in community service projects.

General Inmate Information
This page includes information about inmate programs, how to send mail to an inmate and how to send money to an inmate.

Instructions for Sending Mail to an Inmate

It shall be the policy of Frankfort Career Development Center (FCDC) to recognize inmate mail privileges as important to inmate adjustment to institutional life. Each inmate shall be permitted the opportunity to benefit from incoming information, ideas and concepts originating from outside the institution. There shall be no limit to the number of letters inmates may send or receive or the length, language, content or source of mail or publications except if there is a reasonable belief that a limitation is necessary to protect public safety or institutional order and safety.


A money order shall not be accepted if enclosed in regular mail correspondence.

Incoming inmate mail shall be opened and inspected for contraband. Mail shall be read, censored or rejected if based on legitimate institutional interests of order and security.

Any incoming inmate mail which is received without a full return address, to include the sender’s name and address, will be rejected.

Instructions for Sending Money to an Inmate

Inmate personal funds held by the institution shall be controlled by generally acceptable accounting procedures.

Money received in the mail shall be in the form of a U. S. Postal money order or Western Union wire transfer.

All money orders shall be mailed to the institution in the following manner:

Frankfort Career Development Center
Attention: Business Office
P.O. Box 538
Coffee Tree Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40602 0538

A receipt shall be issued to the inmate and the money deposited on the inmate's account on the date received.

Any correspondence or other type of currency shall be returned to the sender with a notice explaining the reason it is being returned. A copy of the notice shall be given to the inmate.

Cash or a personal check shall not be permitted.

Funds shall not be accepted for deposit during visiting hours.

Money may be sent via Western Union Quick Collect System. The person sending money will need to fill out a Blue Quick Collect Form available through Western Union Agents. The information the sender will need to send money in this manner is:

Pay to: Frankfort Career Dev. Cntr.

Code City and State: COFFEETREE/KY

Visiting Information



1.Visiting hours shall be on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Visitors shall depart institutional grounds by 2:00 p.m.

2.Visiting may be suspended during emergency conditions, including special work assignments involving the majority of the inmate population and the availability of suitable space.


1.Each inmate shall be allowed a maximum of three (3) adult visitors and their minor children, provided there is not a problem with overcrowding. When more than three (3) adult visitors shall be expected, the inmate shall request a special visit in writing to the Warden or designee.

2.The maximum rated capacity of the visiting room is 100 persons including staff. Security staff shall assign tables during visitation. Inmates shall be allowed to share tables if there is not enough room at other tables to seat visitors. Sharing tables shall be considered before terminating any visits. In the event of a large volume of visitors, visits shall be terminated beginning with the first visitor in and continuing in numerical order until overcrowding is eliminated.


1.All visitors must be on the Inmates Approved Visitation List prior to the day of visitation. It shall be the responsibility of the inmate to ensure all visitors are on the approved list.

2.Persons under the age of 18 shall not be permitted to visit unless accompanied by a responsible adult who shall be a member of the child’s immediate family. Notarized, written permission from parent or guardian is required. All children shall visit with the same inmate being visited by the accompanying adult and shall be kept under the supervision of the accompanying adult. The adult visitor must accompany minor children (under age 16) to the restroom. Inmates are not allowed in the restroom with any visitor.

3.Visitors under the age of 18 who are married to an inmate shall show proof of marriage before visits shall be allowed. The visiting officer shall log that a notarized, written statement was presented. A copy of this statement shall be maintained in the inmate’s central file.

4.Visitation by an ex-offender, parolee, or probationer shall not be permitted without prior approval by the Warden or his designee, the Parole or Probation Office, if applicable, and shall not occur until one (1) year following: (a) the date of release from an institution for either parole or conditional release; or (b) placement on probation status.

5.Any visitor who becomes disruptive, allows their children to be disruptive, or does not follow visiting guidelines shall be asked to leave and the visit shall be terminated. The visitor shall be instructed they must write the Warden and obtain written permission before they are allowed to return to visit.

6.Visitors whose presence or activities present a threat to the security or orderly operations of the institution or who do not promote the reintegrating of the inmate to the community shall be restricted for a specified amount of time, including those who:

a)Attempt to introduce contraband or dangerous contraband such as alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons into the institution. Visitors and inmates shall be prosecuted if found to be in possession of dangerous contraband. The contraband shall be confiscated and the visitor shall be detained for law enforcement authorities;

b)Have a past record of disruptive conduct while visiting any correctional facility or were directly related to the inmate’s criminal behavior;

c)May be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed or illegal drugs as exhibited by their inappropriate behavior or the odor of an intoxicating beverage;

d)Refuse to submit to a search of their personal property or vehicle or fail to show proper identification;

e)Are currently on parole or probation and do not have special written permission to visit from both their probation and parole officer and the Warden;

f)Are dressed in an offensive manner or clothing that does not conform to good taste. The Shift Supervisor shall determine appropriate dress in accordance with FCDC 16-01-01;

g)Present falsified identification or information.

7.Visitors listed on the restricted visiting list for FCDC or any other correctional institution shall be denied visitation privileges at FCDC for the period of the time designated on the list.

8.Visitors denied entry due to improper identification or for other reasons shall be advised of the reason in a polite, but firm manner and shall be directed to leave the institutional grounds.


1.Visitors shall park their vehicles in the designated parking area and proceed to the registration desk.

2.Each visitor 18 years of age or older shall present identification at the time of registration for a visit. Valid identification shall be a driver’s license, county identification card, or an equivalent piece of identification with a picture of the visitor permanently affixed to it.

3.The visiting officer shall ask all visitors if they have any medication, weapons, or alcohol in their possession prior to authorizing the visit.

4.No visitor shall visit more than one inmate at the same time unless prior approval has been given by the Warden or designee.

5.Each adult visitor shall be identified and must be on the approved visiting list. The Visiting List shall indicate the time the visitors arrived, signifying the beginning of the visit.

6.The visitors’ personal property shall be thoroughly searched for contraband as a condition of allowing or continuing the visit.


1.Visitors and inmates shall be limited to a brief kiss and embrace at the beginning and end of each visit. Holding hands during the visit shall be permitted. While sitting at the tables, both the inmates’ and the visitors’ hands shall remain above the tabletop. Any sexual stimulation or activity shall be strictly prohibited. Inmates shall not sit or stand pressed against any visitor.

2.If the passage or possession of contraband is suspected, visitors may be strip-searched in accordance with Corrections Policy and Procedure 16.1, General Inmate Visiting Procedure. All searches shall be in accordance to CPP 9.8. A consent form shall be available if any visitor is to submit to a strip search or body cavity search. Visitors under 18 years of age shall be searched in the presence and with the knowledge and written permission of, the child’s parents or legal guardian. Refusal by the parents, legal guardian or person under 18 years of age to allow the search shall result in immediate termination of the visit.

3.All visitors shall be subject to a search upon entrance to the institutional grounds. The Warden or designee shall determine if there is reasonable suspicion to justify a strip search. If deemed necessary, the visitor shall be asked to submit to a strip search.

4.No visitor, including children, shall be permitted to visit if barefooted. Footwear shall be worn during the visit and while on institutional grounds.

5.Female visitors shall wear underclothes, including a bra. Clothing which does not completely cover the midriff, shoulders and cleavage or bosom shall be unacceptable. Shorts and mini skirts shall not be permitted.

6.Male visitors shall wear long pants, and long or short sleeve shirts. Clothing shall not be gray or khaki in color.

7.Hats or head covering of any type is prohibited.

8.Smoking shall be prohibited in the Visiting Room and restrooms by all visitors and inmates. Smoking in the Visiting Room and/or restrooms shall be grounds for termination of the visit.

9.No profane, vulgar, or sexually suggestive language shall be permitted during visits.

10.Visitors shall act in a dignified, responsible manner while visiting. Visitors who fail to abide by institutional rules shall have their visit terminated by the Shift Supervisor.

11.Once admitted to the visiting area, visitors shall not leave until the visit has concluded or is terminated.

12.Only the following items shall be brought into the visiting area by visitors:

a)Small amounts of change (limit of $20.00), no green currency;

b)Photo identification;

c)Prescription medication in its original container, which shall be inspected by the visiting officer. Only the amount of medication for the prescribed dosage shall be allowed. The remainder shall be returned to the vehicle by the visitor;

d)Personal key to motor vehicle that unlocks the door;

e)Essential infant items (diapers and bottles);

f)Jewelry limited to: one (1) wedding band; one (1) religious medallion; and one (1) medical alert item.

13.Wallets and purses shall remain locked in the visitor’s vehicle.

14.Visitors shall not return to their vehicles once the visit has started. Visitors shall be allowed to return unauthorized items to their vehicles prior to the visit. Inmates and visitors shall not be allowed to visit from table to table or “table-hop”.

15.No televisions, radios, tape recording devices, video equipment, video games, toys, cameras, pagers and cell phones shall be permitted.

16.Visitors shall not be permitted to re-register to visit the same inmate or another inmate on the same day.

17.Inmates and visitors shall not sit or lie on the floor or tables during visiting. Infant carry-alls are permitted. Strollers are not allowed.

18.No packages, gifts, personal items or money orders shall be brought into the institution on visits for the purpose of leaving them for the inmate.


1.In instances where visitors shall travel long distances to visit an inmate, prior written approval from the Warden may be given for an extended visit. The mileage being traveled shall be verified by staff. In order to qualify for an extended visit, the visitor must travel more than 150 miles.


1.Legal papers may be brought in on a visit, with prior approval from the Warden or designee, if they meet the following guidelines:

a)The legal papers shall be signed or reviewed by the inmate being visited;

b)The legal papers shall not remain with the inmate at the completion of the visit. Visitors shall take legal papers with them when they leave;

c)The volume of legal papers shall not exceed 10 pages, so that they can easily be searched for contraband and shall not interfere with any other visits that may be taking place.


1.During visitation, photographs shall be taken inside the Visiting Room.

2.Inmates and their visitors shall return to their table immediately after the photograph has been taken.

3.The inmate and visitor while taking photographs shall observe proper physical contact. For example, sitting on laps shall not be permitted.


1.No visitor shall be allowed in or out of the visiting area until the count has cleared.


1.Any act or effort to violate the visiting guidelines or laws may result in disciplinary action against the inmate. Such action may include a denial of future visits, possibly over an extended period of time.

2.Criminal prosecution may be initiated against the visitor, the inmate or both in case of a criminal violation.