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03-29-2006, 06:10 PM
Okay so I have a friend who has been at Donovan for about 4 years. I lost contact with him and just recently found him. Well I have always been approved to visit but never did.

Last weekend I went to visit with his sister and father. The CO says since I wasnt in thir system but I had been approved at Delano to just fill out an updated form and I will be fine. So on this day she lets me have my visit. I had a wonderful time! I am glad I went, he asked me to come back the following Saturday, so I do!

I drive down there, and something told me to bring my approval paper from Delano again. I get in and they say, your not in the system. I explain to her yes I went thru this last week and I was supposed to be updated and fixed this week. I got the rudest CO ever! She starts talking in Prison verbage about his job and how he cant have visits and I am not approved anyways and blah blah blah! So I tell her I got in last week, I filled out a new form what needs to be done. She said, well I will enter it in now and when and if you come next week it will be fine, but today he is working and cant have no visits!

I come home sad but not to sad because hey there is still next week! So I call today just because I want to make sure its been corrected before I drive down there with the family and stuff and guess what? They have put my updated info in the stack of "NEW VISITORS TO BE PROCESSED"!!!! So this will take 4-6 weeks! I am so mad because then I get a letter from him that says he even took Saturday off for our visit! He got it approved and all! This is so frustrating!

BUT the bright side to my venting is he will be home in 29 days! o they can keep their visiting pass, weather its approved or not! ;)

03-29-2006, 06:20 PM
Hang in there and keep the faith..........God Bless

04-01-2006, 07:15 PM
Oh...Candy I am so sorry girly!! At least you won't have to go down there again and go through all of that again. It's just crazy.