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03-19-2006, 02:23 PM
does anyone have a loved one is Solano who's on level 3? So what is it like when they move from a level 2 to a level 3? does that mean he'll be on lockdown more often? how long do they usually stay on lockdown? so does that also mean he won't be able to call me or write me for a long time? does that also mean they dont get to go to programs either? I would just like as much as info as possible.... any information will be greatly appreciated. I feel so lonely and lost without any contact from my man!!!!:confused: :argh:

03-19-2006, 08:53 PM
Hey 408,
My Husband Is In Solano Level 3 Yard 1. He's Been There For About 2 Years And It Has Been A Ruff 2 Years. Well As Far As The Lockdown It Depends On What Group Segment He Runs With. If He Is A Northern Hispanic Yeah Its Pretty Much A Wrap Because Thats What My Husband Is And He's Been On Lockdown Almost The Whole Time He's Been There. Yard 1 And 2 They Are Both On Lockdown. As Far As The Writing He Can Still Write But Of Course There Is No Visits Or Phone Calls Unless They Go On Modifiy Lockdown Then They Are Able To Call M-w-f Usually In The Morning But The Modify Lockdowns Are Few And Only Last For A Couple Of Weeks To A Month At The Longest. And The Sad Part Is, Is That My Husband Says They Won't Give Them An Exact Date Of When They Will Be Off Lockdown Every Time They Get Close The Administration Comes Up With Some Bs Charge To Keep Them Lockdown. On Yard 1 They Have Been On Lockdown Since April And They Were Only Off Lock Down For About A Month. Well If You Have Any More Question Just Ask And I'll Be Happy To Give You As Much Information As I Can

06-09-2006, 04:50 PM
Hi Ladies Do Either Of You Live In The L.a Area Or Near L.a At Least An Hour Away I Want To Hook Up With Someone To Go Visit My Hubby When He Get Of Lockdown His In Yard 2 B/7.