View Full Version : UDAA Charges...HELP!!!!!!!!

03-05-2006, 01:33 PM
This question is posed to anyone that can help me w/ an answer. Thanks LADIES!

One of the charges that my finacee' was charged w/ was UDAA (Unlawful Driving Away an Automobile). Well the court overturned THAT conviction, but it was NEVER removed from his record and that sentence was included in his time. Well, he has been trying to get it tken off his record, and the records office told him that "Court of Appeals"m paperwork was not GOOD ENOUGH that he needed to send them copy of the an "AMENDED JUDEGMENT".

What i don't understand is how the "appellate court papers" are not enoug it says RIGHT there in writing that "Defendants conviction and sentence for unlawfully driving away an automobile is REVERSED". What does the reocrds office mean by "amended judgement", what does that look like, where can we get one. She also said that the RECORDS'S ADMINISTRATOR in Lansing has NO record of this overturned conviction how can that be.