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02-19-2006, 12:51 AM
Easterling Correctional Facility

Prison Physical Address:
200 Wallace Drive
Clio, AL 36017

Prison Mailing Address:
200 Wallace Drive
Clio, AL 36017

Prison Main Phone Number: (334) 397-4471

Warden: Louis Boyd

Visitation Hours: Saturdays & Sundays from 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. (visits every two weeks, one Saturday/one Sunday per month, based on last name). For example, a prisoner that has visits the 1st and 3rd weekends of a month will have Saturday visit on one weekend, Sunday visit on the other.

Visitation Notes: When one goes to visit, pull off Highway 10 onto Wallace Drive at the Easterling Correctional Facility sign; drive up the road until you see the line of waiting cars on the right side of the road. Cars usually start lining up around 6:00 a.m. Visitors park along this road and around 7:30 a CO will drive down and wave visitors in, usually three cars at a time. Drive up the road to the facility and park in the parking lot. You will go to the small building in front that faces the parking lot; stand at the door until they call you in. They will allow one set of visitors at a time for signing in and a quick search.

You will have to walk from that building approximately 50 yards and outdoors to get to the visiting room, which is in the last building to your left when you exit the entrance building. In case of bad weather, be prepared for this.

Visitation Rules: The same as all Alabama prison facilities.
No shorts, sweat pants, strapless, spaghetti string tops, and tank tops.
Nothing tight-fitting/form-fitting.
No short skirts or dresses with high splits.
Slips must be worn under skirts and dresses.
Underwear must be worn - and they do check.
No caps or hats.
All eyewear must be prescription; no sunglasses.
$30 in change can be taken in for use in vending machines.
(Do not take paper money - they do not have a bill changer.)
Must have a photo ID - driver’s license, work ID, etc.
No jewelry (no watches, earrings, nothing) except for wedding rings.

Do not take anything in with you, besides the change for the vending machines, except photo ID and car keys.

There is no smoking at Easterling and no visiting outdoors; you remain in the visiting room for the entire time. There are restroom facilities in the visiting room.

A brief kiss and hug at the beginning and end of visit is allowed; no hand-holding or other physical displays of affection are allowed otherwise.

Photos (Polaroid) can be made - the prisoner must purchase a photo ticket(s) before the visit day.

Visitation is supposed to run until 1:30 p.m. but unlike most ADOC facilities that follow close to schedule, Easterling begins separating visitors and prisoners around 1:00.

Easterling has an insensitive and barbaric practice (and is not a policy at any other ADOC facility that we're aware of) of forcing visitors and prisoners to stand on opposite sides of the room and the visitors to wait and not be able to leave the visiting room until the prisoner is searched, and on a busy day you may be standing there waiting like that for 20-30 minutes. The experience can be rather upsetting to loved ones who are visiting so just be prepared for it.

Type of prison: State prison

Security level of prison: Medium

Number of prisoners: 1217 (built to house 652)

Opened in: 1990

Death row: no

The hole: information not currently available

Hours of daily lockdown: 24 hours a day. Prisoners generally have 2-3 outdoor yard calls per dorm daily.

Other housing info: Easterling does have a faith-based dorm and an honor dorm as well as a substance abuse treatment dorm.

Other info: Substance abuse treatment at Easterling includes general/Crime Bill SAP but no SAP Relapse or Therapeutic Community (TC) program.

Easterling is the only non-smoking facility in the ADOC; disciplinary action can be harsh for getting caught with possession of even a match, much less tobacco.

Phones shut off at 10 p.m. weeknights, late nights on weekends (usually around 1-2 a.m.).

Rules for mail both inbound and outbound:
There’s no limit on pages in a letter as long as they will fit into a regular, white, legal sized envelope. Must come in regular legal/letter sized envelopes - NO Priority Mail, large manila, bubble mailer, etc., envelopes. Greeting cards in colored envelopes are OK but do not send anything else in anything but a white envelope.

No sending in of anything printed off the Internet.

Photos are OK as long as they are not Polaroids and are not sexually explicit.

Mail should be addressed as such:

CLIO, AL 36017

This is the only facility we know of that claims they will return any mail that doesn't have the "Easterling CF" or "Easterling Correctional Facility" on it as well as the rest of the mailing address; make sure you put that on there.

Goods that can be sent in and out through mail: prisoners can receive quarterly packages; list must be obtained from the prisoner and approved before packages are sent. People who send the packages must be on the prisoner’s funds list. Packages can be sent in March, June, September, and December. Possible contents of the packages vary from each quarter.

Unlike most ADOC facilities, neither books from a publisher nor items such as pens, paper, envelopes, etc. may be sent to Easterling prisoners, nor any magazine subscriptions.

Can you send stamps to a prisoner? Yes, stamps can be sent in with letters, up to 40 (two books of stamps) at one time. Stamps can be self-adhesive in a book or those that require moisture to stick.

How to send money to a prisoner in this prison: You may send a money order to prisoners at Easterling; best to probably send separately rather than with any letters. These may be postal money orders or from most of the usual money order vendors (Travelers Express, Western Union, American Express, etc.) - if in doubt call the facility to see if a type of money order is on their approved list.

Fill out the prisoner’s name and AIS # in the “Pay To” section, and the sender’s complete name and address in the “From” section. The prisoner must have a funds list and if the sender is not on that list, the money order will be sent back. The funds list is different and separate from the visitation list. People on the funds list must be approved, just as people on the visitation list.

You may now also send funds to ADOC inmates via Western Union online, and funds are generally on their books within a matter of hours. How to do this:

1. Go to and set up an account.

2. Look for the "How To" section, then "Send an Inmate Payment Online".

3. When it asks you for the account number, enter the AIS number and inmate's last name like this with no spaces: 123456SMITH

4. (I would suggest putting your inmate's first & last name on the next ("optional") line to just to be safe!)

ADOC web page for Easterling:

Information last updated: 14 March 2008