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04-21-2006, 02:00 PM
Red Eagle Honor Farm

Prison Physical Address:
1290 Red Eagle Rd.
Montgomery, Al. 36110

Prison Mailing Address:
1290 Red Eagle Rd.
Montgomery, Al. 36110

Prison Main Phone Number: (334) 242-2510

Warden: Ralph Hooks

Visitation Hours: Every weekend alternating on Saturday & Sunday (one weekend you will visit on Saturday & the next on Sunday) from 8am until 12pm.

Visitation Notes: When you arrive at the facility you will park in the grass at the left of the driveway. At 8am you will walk into the visitation room & give the officer at the desk your driver’s license and tell him who you are there to see…at this time you will sign in. You will give your keys to them & they will give you a number in exchange. You will keep up with this number until the end of visit…at that time you will give them the number & get your keys back. You are allowed to keep your driver’s license with you during visit. Once you have signed in & received your key number…you can then sit down or go on & get stuff out of the machines. Once your loved one has came to the visitation area…you can either stay inside or go outside to the picnic tables for visit. They have a “playground” for the children also.

Visitation Rules: Basically the same as all Alabama facilities.
No shorts, sweat pants, strapless, spaghetti string tops, and tank tops.
Nothing tight-fitting/form-fitting.
No short skirts or dresses with high splits.
No caps or hats.
You can take in $25 (in change) for the vending machines.
Must have photo ID (I.E. driver’s license, state issued ID, work ID, etc)
Moderate amounts of jewelry are okay.

Do not take anything in with you besides your ID, money & car keys. You are to bring in diapers, wipes, etc. if you have an infant/toddler…and you can bring in “female products” also.

A kiss and hug at the beginning and end of visit is allowed; you are allowed to walk around with arms around one another and hold hands as long as your actions are respectful to others.

Smoking is allowed at Red Eagle (outside). You can bring in an unopened pack of cigarettes. As far as I know there aren’t any tobacco product machines at Red Eagle.

Photos can be purchased at anytime throughout the visit (up until 11:45am) at the desk where you sign in. Each photo is $3 & can be taken inside the visitation room or outside.

Type of Prison: State Prison (Honor Farm)

Security level of prison: Minimum

Number of Prisoners: 264

Opened in: 1972

Death Row: No

Other Information: The inmates at Red Eagle perform “free labor” for various places. Most of the inmates are assigned to “road crews” but, some are assigned to the coliseum, to schools around the state, the state department, etc.

Rules for both inbound & outbound mail:
There’s no limit on pages in a letter as long as they will fit into a regular, white, legal sized envelope. No issues with Priority Mail envelopes/etc.

Photo’s are okay as long as they are not sexually explicit. Poloroids are also okay as long as they were taken at visit (no ‘outside’ ones).

Mail should be addressed as such:

Inmate Name & AIS number
1290 Red Eagle Road
Montgomery, AL 36110

Goods that can be sent through the mail:

2 books of stamps at a time. You are not allowed to send in paper or envelopes…only stamps.

Prisoners can receive quarterly packages; list must be obtained from the prisoner and approved before packages are sent. People who send the packages must be on the prisoner’s funds list. Packages can be sent in March, June, September, and December. Possible contents of the packages vary from each quarter.

Books may be sent in from a publisher/business (, Barnes & Noble, etc.) two at a time - no hardcover books.

How to send money to inmate’s at this prison:
You may send a money order to prisoners at Red Eagle; best to probably send separately rather than with any letters. These may be postal money orders or from most of the usual money order vendors (Travelers Express, Western Union, American Express, etc.) - if in doubt call the facility to see if a type of money order is on their approved list.

Fill out the prisoner’s name and AIS # in the “Pay To” section, and the sender’s complete name and address in the “From” section. The prisoner must have a funds list and if the sender is not on that list, the money order will be sent back. The funds list is different and separate from the visitation list. People on the funds list must be approved, just as people on the visitation list.

You may now also send funds to ADOC inmates via Western Union online, and funds are generally on their books within a matter of hours. How to do this:

1. Go to and set up an account.

2. Look for the "How To" section, then "Send an Inmate Payment Online".

3. When it asks you for the account number, enter the AIS number and inmate's last name like this with no spaces: 123456SMITH

4. (I would suggest putting your inmate's first & last name on the next ("optional") line to just to be safe!)

ADOC web page for Red Eagle: (

Information Last Updated On:
April 21, 2006

(updated with minimal info 14 March 2008)

10-05-2010, 11:39 AM
Hi I thought it would be good to have some updated information on Red Eagle Honor Farm. So if you have any info on visitation, dress codes etc, post it here and I will merge it into a Sticky. Thanks Lisa :D

12-14-2010, 09:06 AM
Visitation is every Sunday 8 to 12. You can NOT wear tennis shoes, the shoes can be opened toed but must have a strap around the heal. No jewerly except wedding rings. You can go inside or out. You can take an unopend pack of cigarettes and lighter -- no matches. You can take $20 in quarters for the vending machines.