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06-27-2003, 01:44 PM
My husband was sentenced 13 days ago. He still has not gone to DRDC. I understand he'll be there for up to 5 wks and is only allowed 1 visit.

MY question...

have any of you dealt with Colorado on the Interstate Corrections Compact. I have been led to believe that he probably won't be approved for a transfer to MT for close to a year because he has to establish "good history". He is a resident of Montana. Have I been informed correctly or will he be considered if he applies after he gets done in Denver?



08-25-2003, 08:19 AM

I realize you posted this a couple of months ago. . .but the Interstate Compact office has been my private h**l for the last several years. Be warned. . .don't, under any uncertain terms, bester them. My husband would get frustrated by no-replies and would write once a month because he was getting ready for either community correction referral or to see the parole board. I always edited the letters so they would be very calm and in order. . .but the man who is there now. . .Morton. . .takes everything personal. Have him do everything through his case worker at the facility he is at.

It took my husband about 2 years to get transfered to his home region. . .and they put him in the facility that is farthest away from me. And even though his point should score him as minimum security. . .he is stuck at medium.

If you need to vent. . .chat. . .cry. . .let me know.

If you do want to email anyone in the CO DOC. . .it's their The website only has a generic address and the real emails aren't listed on the CDOC site.


08-31-2003, 12:35 PM
Jesse has been transfered to Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility and has applied for the boot camp program. Apparently they sent his application to Colorado Springs for processing... How long does that take?? He's begun doing his drug and alcohal treatment and has a positive outlook on his future. We are just anxiously waiting his correction compact to MT!! His score was 15, but they say that at his 6 mo eval, he should be moved minimum. Comments?