View Full Version : Will There Ever Be Parole?

02-03-2006, 04:43 PM
does anyone think parole will ever come back to federal system? if so any idea how long?

02-13-2006, 01:45 PM
Just my opinion

No one on the planet would like to see an equatable and fair parole bill passed more than I would. It is my firm believe that the current system imposes much harsher sentences than are necessary. Not only do those presently charged and convicted do almost 100% of their time, they are further punished by having their deeds follow them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, in today's world, leniency is not palatable to most of our lawmakers. To further complicate things... even if a bill to reinstitute Federal Parole was passed today, I do not believe any of those currently serving time would benifit from it's passage. By the time all the details of such a bill could be worked out, most if not all those currently serving time will have done their time and gone home. Perhaps what might be more benificial is to figure out a way of letting those who have paid their debt to society to reenter the "real world" without having a moments indiscretion create a life times worth of restitution and catharsis.

Keep the Faith

Michael :thumbsup: