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11-03-2005, 05:24 PM
Hey shed no tears for BBQ's there is one in Chelsea on 23rd and 8th Avenue ....

here's another BBQ restaurant, which makes two in chelsea:

RUB - Righteous Urban BBQ ($$$)

208 W 23rd St, New York 10011
Btwn 7th & 8th Ave (south side of the street)

Phone: 212-524-4300

Posted by Anonymous on 10/20/2005
Good ribs

I went to RUB once in June and really liked the pulled pork and brisket. I was back the other week, and although I'd read somewhere that the ribs at RUB weren't anything special, on a whim I decided to order the ribs and they turned out to be quite good. I had the Long End of St. Louis Style ribs, I think. Good flavor, good texture, they didn't even need sauce.
Posted by spec80 on 10/06/2005
Good Food, Good Service

I got the burnt ends dinner and it was excellent. Granted, I'm a big fan of drowning stuff in sauce anyway, but I'm sure had I not had the BBQ sauce on the side, the meat would have been excellent on its own. The baked beans and potato salad sides were great. There are generous little bits of either bacon or salt pork in the baked beans. I'd skip the dense white bread they serve with the meal. It's not the soft Wonder Bread like the serve in Texas (which I prefer). My friends got the short and long end ribs and they enjoyed them as well. Our server was very nice and attentive. She let us take our time and didn't rush us at all. It can have a tendency of getting loud even when the front windows are open. And while the food was good, it was a little expensive. Skip the super fries. They're good but the servings will fill you up enough.
Posted by lsk on 09/30/2005
A Disappointment

I was eagerly anticipating the brisket sandwich at lunch yesterday (9/29), based on memories of bbq beef in Texas and a previous reviewer's enthusiasm. I could not have been more disappointed. The meat was dry, tough, and very short on flavor. I usually don't use sauce (prefering the flavor and moistness of the meat itself), but here I had to drown the beef in sauce to make it at all edible. The sides I tasted were good, as was a friend's burnt ends. But I can't imagine going back after this experience.
Posted by Anonymous on 09/25/2005
RUB is getting even better

I went to RUB the other week, I'd been there twice before, the first time in May. The regular brisket was really good this time- I'd liked it before and now it has a strong smoky flavor actually. I had the wings and sausage for the first time- the wings have a really unique, delicious sauce and I thought the sausages were very tasty. They took really good flavored sausages, three different kinds, and smoked them fairly well. Pulled pork and burnt ends were very nice too. I found the service to be friendly and attentive.
Posted by Anonymous on 09/20/2005

Excellent meal Sunday night. Real BBQ in NYC, good beer, unpretentious atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Cross Street: Btwn 7th & 8th Ave

Take Out

Hours: Tue-Sun: 12pm-11pm