View Full Version : Anyone ever heard of this? (good time laws)

12-05-2005, 10:15 PM
I went to see my boyfriend tonight, and we were talking about him coming home (earliest relese date 2007). He mentioned that there is a law that used to exist, that might be passed again in January 2006. I guess it is a law that knocks off time for good behavior, something like 10 days off your sentence for every 1 month that you are good. He really doesn't like to discuss his appeals and possible early release dates, because it gets his hopes up only to be let down hard. So I didn't ask for anymore information than what he gave sure that someone here would know more about it.

Anyone every heard of this? :o

12-05-2005, 10:20 PM
If you read the different threads you would've seen them all about this. The thing to keep in mind is he would still be under TIS even if it is approved. It would be for newcomers to the system.

12-06-2005, 05:27 AM
We have several threads in our legislative sub forum regarding the bills to remove Truth in Sentencing and give back good time.

These bills are in committe and have not even been fully introduced yet. Please check the sub forum out and get active in writing to your state reps to try to get these bills passed.

Its also important to keep up to date on these bills because the rumors running thru the prisons are NOT true... we need to keep our guys informed of whats really happening out here with these!