View Full Version : Inquiry about nephew in Wilcox State Prison, in Abbeville, Georgia

10-28-2005, 03:20 PM
Hey, Everyone. I am a first time user of this service and am trying to make contact with my nephew, who is a prisoner at Wilcox State Prison, in Abbeville, Georgia. I don't know if these people are allowed access to a computer or can make phone calls. But, we would like to establish some kind of contact with him.

If anyone can give my family and me any useful information, we would be most grateful.

Thanks for any help that you might offer.

10-28-2005, 03:51 PM
I"m sorry, but inmates don't have access to the internet. PTO is for the friends and family of those incarcerated... If you have his information you can write to him. If you don't have that info, just let us know and we'll try to help you with that!


10-28-2005, 04:04 PM
Thanks so much Mrsd. I appreciate your help very much. I have the address of the prison, in which my nephew is incarcerated. We would like to help him and give him our support, in whatever way that we can.

10-28-2005, 04:05 PM
Mrsd., I have one more question, if you don't mind and have a moment to respond. Do you know if prisoners can typically call us? Are they allowed access to a phone? I'm certainly willing to accept collect calls.

10-28-2005, 04:44 PM
As a general rule most inmates are allowed phone calls. However, depending on the prison he may have to put you on a phone list... which may only be allowed every few months or so. You can write him, I would try and find his ID number from the Ga DOC web site... after that you might try calling the prison and asking how to make sure he receives a letter.

10-29-2005, 09:38 PM
Hi Craigw. Welcome to PTO. My guy is at Wilcox so any questions you may have I might be able to help you. Your nephew will have have to submit a phone list before he can call. The phone number for the prison is 229-467-3000. When I write Will this is how I address the envelope.

Inmate's name
Inmate's GDC# & dormitory#(if you have it, but the GDC# is a must)
P.O. Box 397
Abbeville, GA 31001
I think right now the head counselor's name is Hogin. The warden is Barrow. Wilcox inmates can recieve newspaper and magazine subscriptions. They can recieve up to four books at a time as long as it is mailed directly from the publisher or warehouse. I use Barnes & Noble and have never had a problem. Hope you can contact your nephew soon.