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10-26-2005, 10:00 PM

My brother is currently in Crowley County, which is a private prison.

His case manager told him that there is a strong possibility that they will move him to Sterling soon, maybe this week.

Sterling is a Public prison right? What are the differences between private and public. Will we need to fill out visitation forms again? Can anyone tell me about Sterling? Will we be able to send him those Canteen packages that I have read about?

I believe they are moving him because his points are down to a minimum security level facility. He has one year in, he has a 8 year sentence and he was told he wouldn't be eligible for parole until he served 5 years.

I appreciate any help you can give me. We are all kind of the to all of this and I don't know anyone personally who can relate to our situation.



10-27-2005, 07:25 AM
they are moving him because his points are down? Sterling houses 3 levels of inmates and houses them in different quarters. however all three are kept behind a double kill fence and has no towers. I'm sure you will have to fill out new visiting paperwork also. I guess the rest is like anywhere else. Bad food, some nice co's, and some are jerks. Yes you can order those canteen packages, however Sterling only allows $50, as opposed to $100 like most other prisons. Other than that, i don't know.

10-27-2005, 09:30 PM
Hello and welcome,
My guy says Sterling is a place he would not like to go. He's been in Limon and is currently in a private facility. Like anyplace I am sure it is what you make of it.

10-27-2005, 09:31 PM
So what is the difference between a public and private? I have searched but really couldn't find anything on it.

I wish they would leave him in Crowley, Sterling is so far away, it will be a 3 1/2 hour drive to get there. Our mother is disabled and waiting for a kidney transplant so we won't be able to see him very often, maybe once every two months. I wish they would take that into consideration, but I guess that is not the way the system works. :( Closer proximity for visitation would be beneficial for both the family wanting to see their loved one and to the inmate knowing they had their family support.

I have heard that they usually don't give any notice when an inmate will be moved, they just do it. He said his case manager told him.

Thanks for all your help.