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09-12-2005, 07:27 PM
My now fiance is in the Middleton unit in Abilene, TX. Originally from Houston this is kind of a shock to him because there are alot of small town men there and he's just not used to the "sticks." He was accused by his soon to be ex-wife (as soon as the inks dry) of assualt. His acctual charge is Assualt on a family member causing bodily injury. The thing is, he has proof that the whole charge was fake. He went to thier house to gather his things after he wanted to leave because she thought that a marriage was a revolving door and he called a sheriff to ensure a smooth exit. She falsified documents saying that He was arrested that day; released 3 days later and returned to assualt her agian. He was then really arrested at his church. The arrest included 3 heavily armed officers and a helicopter! (Was all that really neccessary??) Six months later he took a plea bargian with the advice of his lawyer and recieved 6 years probation. Within the next year he gathered the needed evidence agianst her and open a case agianst her and the state for false inprisonment and was suing for a large sum of money. In this same time we met and fell absolutly in love. Coincidentally a few weeks later his probabtion was suddenly revoked and he was arrested after being pulled over because the officer quote "wanted to know what a mexican (my fiance) and a white guy (my brother) were driving a car registered to a female (me; who was in the back seat of the car.)" He hired a lawyer and was advised once agian to take a plea bargian of two years. A month later he did. He was arrested April 1, 2005 and his release date is March 3, 2006. He recieved a felony because he had one previous assualt case not involving a female and with the "two" arrests from her assualt makes three and so then its a felony. I know that he hasn't been in there as much as alot of others have but I dont know how those of you do it. I have to say that I truley admire and look up to those who have gone years without the man they love. My question here is this; I have seen the proof, I know the true heart of the man but does this sound like a bunch of baloney? Honestly I belive him. But because I am not married to him and Im not paying him the lawyer wont talk to me and tell me everything going on. Im frustrated. I finally went to see him since he was transfered from Harris County June 15 this past weekend. A 7 1/2 hour trip with his parents. I got to see him (no contact) for an hour. His mother then kicked me out and convinced them to trade me for his father so they could have a contact visit. They got to visit for 3 hours. I was really upset because she fought for me to be there and then kicked me out! So my last question is; am i being selfish by being upset? I feel like I am... To the women in similiar situation; any advice would help! How do you get through it? Help me.

09-13-2005, 03:42 PM
Welcome to PTO.

I'm sorry that I don't have an opinion for you (yet), only more questions. I know you are going through a difficult time and need support and understanding.

How do you know the assault story is fake? You normally do not plea and then go back and sue. Sounds fishy, especially if they brought the helicopter in.

What was he doing wrong by driving your car? Why was it enough to revoke his probation and get two years?

Why won't he give the lawyer permission to talk to you (your man can sign something)?

Maybe you believe him because you are in love with him and clouded by your dreams of being a couple. As an objective party, it sounds like there is more than what he is telling you. Most men will never admit they beat their wife. I hope this isn't so, but try to look at it as if you didn't care for him. What would you think then?

I wish you the best. I hope for your sake that your man is being honest with you, but if he's not, I hope you find out soon.

09-13-2005, 11:34 PM
Hey :) my fiance is in Middleton too at the moment and TDC will have the pleasure of his company for a while longer than your guy.

I got halfway through your post as was going to say 'talk to his parents', but then I read the bit about his mum swapping you for his dad. Maybe they were just trying to maximise the time with him seeing as you travelled so far to see him? Now, I'm not saying injustices dont happen because they do (and you're in Harris County after all :rolleyes: ), but I have to agree with one_luv it does sound like there is more to all this than you've been told.