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09-05-2005, 04:57 PM
Hey All
Well i didn't think it was going to be this easy.. My fiance needs to write a letter to the Warden, asking permission to get married. He wants me to write up something for him , does anyone have any suggestion's how to write this letter or what to explain in it/ or has anyone ever had to write a letter like this?ANy info will help Thankx!!

09-05-2005, 07:30 PM

I just read some wonderful posts written on the general PTO site. They were written by a past inmate and has a wealth of knowledge on prison life. His e-mail address is: Email Address removed by moderator. Please see PTO rules and policies I have a strong feeling that he can answer your question very eloquently.

Good luck with the letter writing and congratulations on the prospect of the marriage.

09-13-2005, 06:00 PM
you may want to call the institution directly and ask what the steps are, which are usually stacked against inmate marriages. he can also ask the chaplain. charlie sent me the following for Kettle Moraine in Plymouth.

1. You must write the unit social worker requested while incarcerated.

2. You must fill out the REQUEST FOR MARRAIGE (DOC-1671) form.

3. Your intended spouse must also write and to your social worker stating her intention to marry you while you are incarcerated.

4. A letter is mailed to your parole agent requesting the agent's approval or denial of the preposed marraige along with any pertinent information.

5. If you or your intended spouse havew previously been married, then a divorce decree or certificate of death must be submitted to document that the previous marraige is no longer valid.

6. Once the paperwork is in order, a preliminary review will be done by the warden/appointed staff to determine the appropriatenessof continuing the process.

7. After the preliminary review, if the warden directs a continuance of the procedure, then there will be a period of six (minimum) counseling sessions for you and your intended spouse. the counseling will be with a certified/approved counselor selected by inmate/intended spouse and at inmate's expense.

8. Inmate and intended spouse will need to provide guest list for wedding. all guests must be on inmate's visitor list.

9. After the counseling is completed, the counselor and the chaplain will make comments and sign requests to indicate completion of counseling. the request will then be forwarded to the Warden for approval or denial.

10. If the warden approves the marraige, then the Chaplain will faciliate a meeting of the inmate and intended spouse with the Winnebago County Clerk (they must have gotten thenm from the Oshkosh facility, as KM is in Sheboygan county!) to make application for a Marriage License. the Chaplain will provide inmate and intended spouse a handout from the county clerk regarding the marriage apllication process.

11. once all the necessary documents are secured, then the date of marriage will be arranged.

12. the chaplain can provide a list of civil officiants who will perform marraiges. it will be the responsibility of inmate and intended spouse to make arrangements with officiant, civil or religious. the chaplain will not perform the wedding!

so this most likely what you're up against!

check into this. charlie and I tried, to no avail to get married while he was in OCJ in Appleton. the jail not allow marriages to commence without the approval of a parole or probation agent and will not allow any marriages while there as a state inmate.

I will PM some text from letters I have sent to a judge and the parole commission... that should help you fill in the blanks! good luck!